Romanian Revolutionary War

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Template:Battle template This Romanian Revolutionary War began on December 8th 2018, after a few days of planning between Bulgaria, Poland and Baltoslavia. Each of these nations brought in Military help to the alliance, and at 6pm GMT, as many as 14 troops arrived at Turnovo. By 6.20, the swarm had reached Bucharest, and Heat had locked himself into a house with his allies. While the swarm of Allied troops attempted to get inside the house, bow fire was rained down on them, killing one.


Battle of Grodno

This small fight in Belarus started what is known as the Romanian Revolutionary War. Baltoslavians troops moving south were attacked by Romanians, who fought back fiercely. After claims of griefing, Romania declared war on Baltoslavia and Poland, who had conducted raids to Romania in the past.

Battle of Bucharest

15 well equipped troops marched in to Bucharest, against Heat and his allies who had barricaded themselves in a house. The following siege saw 3 killed, a Nazi and two revolutionaries.

Battle of Turnovo

While Heat remained in Bucharest, 32Gold and a few other Pro-Romanian troops met revolutionaries at the gates of Turnovo. 3 kills occurred, two Pro-Romanian troops and one revolutionary.

Treaty of Constantinople

With 15 troops maintaining heavy fire into the house Heat was stuck in, he decided to surrender to the revolution. Fighting in Bucharest ceased and Pro-Romanians in Turnovo warped away.

With NS being a major help in negotiations, all parties involved met at Constantinapole, deciding against Heat’s execution and instead on his banishment and leadership change to Dukasv.

Treaty of Bucharest

Following the Treaty of Constantinople, Bulgarian, Baltoslavian and New Romanian officials met to discuss things Baltoslavia and Bulgaria would get as thanks for helping the revolution.

The following content of a treaty was proposed and signed:

Treaty of Bucharest

As thanks for aid from both Bulgaria and Baltoslavia, Dukas’s Romania will do the following.

- Hand Basarabia (modern day Moldova) to Baltoslavia, including the town there.

- Recognise the Dobrudja and let towns join Bulgaria if the town wants to.

- A representative of Baltoslavia, as well as a rep from Bulgaria will be permanent in the New Romanian government. These representatives will have access to all channels to view and give suggestions, but not vote.

- This will make sure this does not happen again.