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FBI Bro Skin 3D.png
In office
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In office
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Profile Information
Aliases FBI_Bro
Nation Britainflag.png Britain
Town Yorkshire COA.png Yorkshire
Towny Rank Chancellor Mayor
Organization The EMC International PVP Committee
Political Party British Populist Party
Clan Accordo Square.png Accordo
Religion Catholicism
Discord FBI_Bro#0575
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn April 12th, 2019
Place of Spawn Tanzania
Physical Information
Nationality MexicanAmerican.jpg Mexican-American
Gender Male
Blood Type 183-1839687 blood-group-b-rh-factor-negative-blood-blood.png O-
Zodiac Scorpio.png Scorpio
Height 175 cm
Weight 68 kg
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Moderator
Date of Ban
Nation History

FBI_Bro is an incumbent Deputy Prime Minister of Britain and The Minister of Foreign Relations of the Scottish Autonomous Region and is best known for being the mayor of North Yorkshire and the head organizer of The EMC International PvP Cup. He joined during the first days of the Flooding Era by accident while trying to find another server and is well known for his odd choice of architecture and for his inability to obtain god armor. He also became Prime Minister of Britain from June 28th 2020 to August 30th 2020 and then again November 1st 2020 to January 3rd 2021.

First Days

FBI_Bro (Formally Wiznerd) joined EMC Terra Nova on April 12th, 2019 and spawned in modern day Tanzania. He planned to travel on foot to Western Australia to start his town in where Perth is now. After arriving on the southwest coast of Australia, Wiznerd began planning where he would found his new town. Shortly after being told that founding a town would cost 64 gold by RuseOwl, Wiznerd joined his first town Bridgeton, Quebec.

FBI_Bro's original skin before he changed his username to free up Wiznerd for his brother's new account.

Mod Days

FBI-Bro became a mod on September 23rd 2020.

The EMC International PVP Cup

FBI-Bro has become known for holding the international pvp cup. It is usually held in multiple towns and nations and is the largest pvp tournament o/rn the server. Discord server: https://discord.gg/3vey6shBvj