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Official Flag of Accordo


Accordo stems from The Accordo Manuscripts, published by SlyPrince on April 4th, 2018. The group itself is comprised of believers in Accordoism, detailed in said manuscripts. The name comes from Italian "agreement".


Typically, if you see a blue banner with a white flower pattern missing the middle, it means the town/nation is controlled by the Accordo Party. Similarly, if you see a statue with the missing-middle flower pattern at the top, it means the same. One of these statues is located in Far Alexandria, in Bactria.


The party originated as a group of the residents of the nation of Japan on EarthMC Classic. Founding members include MineHero43, SlyPrince, and FutureLemon.

2018 & Classic

Accordo began with The Accordo Manuscripts, published by SlyPrince on April 4th 2018. With his permanent ban sometime in the first third of 2018, Accordo fell into darkness for a very long time.


For a very long part of EarthMC Terranova, Accordo was in the shadows. They were limited to the highest ranks of the British Government, including its King and Royalty. The name "Accordo" first significantly came into the public eye of Terranova when two withers were imprisoned underneath Tesco in London, Britain. One was named "Accordo Rules EMC". It fell back into the shadows for many more months, but this would change with the unbanning of Unbated, who had previously been banned on January 27th, 2020 for 2.7, but was unbanned on March 7th, 2020. With the invitation of him into the party, Accordo slowly began creeping into the public eye once again. The party was no longer reserved for only the top-ranking British Governmental Officials. They would begin inviting well known server players and elitists, and their friends as well. Many of the party members began leaving their nations in the dust and moving to Britain, a notable example was Unbated blowing up the Argent Museum, selling his nation and leaving to become the mayor of the 620 chunk town of Sussex.


Accordo is now in the spotlight of the EarthMC public. It and Britain have become synonymous with one another. The members mostly sport blue capes with a white Accordo Insignia on it (There are no rules for what you can do with the cape, though). They are known for their prowess in PVP, consistently showing up at battles and delivering fatal casualties. They are involved with multiple governments on EarthMC, a very large example of this would be the July 27th, 2020 coup of the Canadian Empire to avoid the nation of Sri Lanka gaining full control over the Empire, which was a member of the British Commonwealth.


The abrupt Fall of Accordo happened on February 18th, 2022. On this day, the King of Britain and 1/2 of the Accordo leadership, MineHero43, gave Warriorrr access to a hidden channel in the original Accordo discord, something that was thought to be unused since Accordo's Resurgence. This channel contained an innumerable amount of doxxes, and Warrior threw all loyalty aside and reported what he found to staff. MineHero43, Angloist, and Wither255 were all permanently banned after it was exposed that Wither255 had been allowing FutureLemon, who was banned in August of 2020, to use his account, and that Angloist had in fact been an alt of SlyPrince the whole time. This fractured the party and the British leadership and led to uncertainty about the group's future. In the aftermath, UnbatedAura stepped up and created the ACC, or Accordo Continuity Commission, to ensure that the group did not cease to exist. He named himself leader, though it is only a title. Thanks to his efforts, the group continued operation, though it would never be the same. For this reason, the Accordo Continuity Commission will be documented on a separate page and considered a continuation and new incarnation of Accordo, yet not the same group, as it lacks the leadership of the people who created it almost 5 years ago.


On May 17th, 2020, players from the server LokaMC would infiltrate the town of Sussex, then led by mayor Warriorrr, and steal most items from the castle in the Western part of the town. Most of them were banned for assisting a banned player alt and avoid punishment. However, in early July 2020 they would be unbanned and return to the server, this time on the Beta version. They defended the nation of Scamistan from Accordo Forces, but most of them would end up being banned for a variety of reasons (2.7 being the overwhelming one).

The feud between Accordo and Sri Lanka/Rio Grande is well known and can be witnessed in chat or at battles. The fire was fueled hard when the Beta server opened. Many of the members of Sri Lanka/Rio Grande were banned for the same reasons the Loka people were, but it had nothing to do with Accordo. Instead, one of the most high ranking members of Sri Lanka/Rio Grande, Cubs_, was fed up with another high ranking member, Samisol after internal affairs would always leave them angry at eachother. Eventually, it became so bad Cubs_ exposed Samisol and Toopg (another high ranking member) to the EarthMC staff team for doxxing and alting. Around two weeks later, on July 29th, another high ranking member, Ducky4408, would be permanently banned for 2.7, but this was not because of Cubs_, it has yet to be revealed what this ban was for. This feud is mostly dead, with Sri Lanka/Rio Grande warning Accordo about Cubs_ after having taken him in.