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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Sibir
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto Pax per fortitudinem
Population 83 -08.03.2022 census
Capital City Mandrikovo
Largest City Mandrikovo
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Rep.png Federative Republic
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size ?
Part of
Historical Information

Sibir is a nation located in eastern Siberia, in the Russian states of Chukotka and Kamchatka.

Sibir eventually broke free from Japan as a vassal state, and became independent with dukasv as the Khan.

From 3 November Sibir merged with Magadan,every town that was owned by Magadan is now part of Sibir.

Ghemacu sell the nation to Kamtchatka Empire and 32Monsters take the lead, now Sibir a part of the Kamtchatkan Empire.

Kamtchatka then sold Sibir to Wrangel for 1100 gold.

In November 2021 Dukasv returned to EarthMc and took over Sibir once more.After 05.02.2022 Sibir is now ruled again by Ghemacu.

Sibir has a satellite state north of it called Magadan.


The first town to joins Sibir was Bilbino (Suceava/today) and it was also the capital city for Sibir.The town was created on April 11 2019 by Dukasv.The nation was made by Dukasv on June 17.

Early History/April 11 2019 - November 11 2019

Nothing much is know about this period.Until December Sibir was badly governed and was Led by Uberietzsche because Dukasv doesn't really entered server the server.It can also be a dark period for Sibir and inactivity for Dukasv.

Late History/November 12 2019- November 11 2020

The nations gets out of Inactivity and Yllalen is elected Prime Minister of Sibir.Sibir joins Peoples Republics of Siberia.Magadan and Sibir forms U.S.K. then Magadan merge with Sibir.

Major Events

The Kamtchatka - Sibir war

It was a regional war that lasted from September 19 until 3 November.It was the biggest war in the Sibir history, and directly involved more than 25 people.

Magadan Sibir unification

On 08.10.2020 Magadan and Sibr merged making United Siberian Kingdom.One month later Magadan joined Sibir with all its town.


The Sibir doesn't have that much history with wars, primarily because the is not a lot to worry on the Siberian Area, but there has been 1 wars.

The Kamtchatka - Sibir war

It was a regional war that lasted from September 19 until 3 November.It was the biggest war in the Sibir history, and directly involved more than 25 people.From a neutral perspective this war was unavoidable because in the months before the war the Kamtchaka-Sibir relationship changed drastically because of Adriix leaving Kamtchaka and giving it to _Frisoubynight_.That meaned that Kamtchaka was no longer a puppet state of Sibir. The Sibir pretext that Kamtchaka stealling townS is not true as it sounds ,yes there was a town that was part of Sibir but it got disbanded leaving the town with no claims for good months.And the stealling of Anastasis is not true because that town was to Kamtchaka from the creation of it.Until November Third 2020 Kamtchaka and Sibir didnt have a border agreement.So the real purpose of this was because Sibir felt threatened by Kamtchaka because this towns were very near the capital city and it needed to do something about capturing the towns of Ancient-Town and Anastasis.So on September 18 Dukasv announced the PRS that Kamtchatka stole two towns from Sibir.PRS sent an Ultimatum telling that Kamtchatka needs to give back the towns or it would be war.Kamtchatka didnt take the ultimatum seriously so on September 19th 2020 the PRS declared war on Kamtchaka.

Battle of Anastasis

On September 20th 2020 at 19:23 UTC+2 soldiers from Sibir starded marching to Anastasis.The battle lasted about 2 hours both sides claiming different casualties. Kamtchatka :PRS deaths 5 - Kamtchatka deaths 7 PRS:PRS deaths 0 - Kamtchatka deaths 7

Battle of Ilpyrskoe or Skirmishes of Suceava

The PRS army met up on September 21st on the Capital of Sibir to march together all the way to the Kamtchatkan Capital. Due to there being way too many allies, Warriorr, a british PVPer, interviened with the march, Killing 2 PRS Soldiers in the process. Kamtchatka tried to claim the Skirmish as their victory, even though Kamtchatka never showed up to the skirmish. Later that day, Warriorr went to Kamtchatka to confront 32Monsters, but 32Monsters wouldn't come out of claims to fight. The Battle had no winner.Some troops later in the battle spawned in Far coming from the back of the Ilpyrskoe that plan.


On the 22nd of September, Kamtchatka surrendered to the PRS, signing the Armistice of AncientTown, with 100g as pay from the PRS so Kamtchatkan Forces could use towards its military. In total, an estimated of 15 Kamtchatkan Loses, and 6 PRS loses was the result.

The Second War

Sibir bought the city of AncintTown with 100g.It was a Sibir town,with the same mayor 32EnderTower.The town disbanded with the excuse that the mayor is now the leader of Nicaragua.PRS sent again an Ultimatum ,denyied by the Kamtchatka government.Kamtchatka signed a mutual defense treaty with the Russian_Empire .Kamtchaka decided that they will pay back 64 gold to Dukasv