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Kingdom of Kamtchatka
Kamtchatka Falg.jpg
Coat of Arms
1200px-Coat of Arms of Kamchatka Krai.svg.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Kamtchatka
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 24
Capital City Ilypyrskoe
Largest City Anastasis
Oldest City Ilypyrskoe
Government Information
Political System Parliamentary Democracy
Economic System Capitalism
Army Size Unknown
Part of
Historical Information

Kamtchatka is a country created by Adriix on and now lead by LeRelou35

Kamtchatka is Empire too, he have 2 colonies : Nicaragua lead by 32Endertower and Sibir ( lead by 32Monsters ) and the Empire is lead by 32Monsters


The first king was Adriix, he become the king he has create the nation

The second king is _Frisoubynight_, he become the king when Adriix leave emc on 07/27/20

The 3 king was 32Monsters, he become king when _FrisouByNight_ leave Kamtchatka

The actual king is LeRelou35, he take Kamtchatka when 32Monsters take Sibir


Kamtchatka isn't a dictatorships because there are a government elected by all citizens

The ancient government is :

32EnderTower --- > Prime Minister

Naw3wan ---> Minister of Justice

Favalli ---> Minister of the Interior

Draco_004 ---> Minister of Defense and Armies

SaturEndax ---> Minister of Foreign Affairs SaturEndax

But on the 08/11, the citizens elected a new Prime Minister, 5 votes for Favalli and 3 for SaturEndax

The government is actually :

Favalli --- > Prime Minister

SaturEndax---> Minister of the Interior

Draco_004 ---> Minister of Defense and Armies

LeRelou35 ---> Minister of Foreign Affairs

32Endertower ---> Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery


Kamtchatka have one of the biggest grinder xp with 56 spawners collected by Adriix


Kamtchaka helped Russia in Finland war but can't win and Russia lost the war

Kamtchatka never stole towns from Sibir, but dukasv, leader of Sibir want to have 2 towns of Kamtchatka because think they are in his territory but Kamtchatka don't accept to lost friends and didn't accept to give the town so Prs declare war on Kamtchatka. They say " 15 loses from Kamtchatka, 0 from Prs but it's false, Kamtchatka kill 5 player and Prs kill 7 player. But, 32Endertower wanted to get rid of his town because he go to the new collonie Nicaragua so we have give AncientTown to Sibir to finish the war. So we lost.