Great Eurasian Argument

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On 12/30/2019 at 6:30pm EST Frnkln421 amassed 1024 gold to create the nation of Eurasia with the capital of Malygina. The mods quickly renamed the nation and a massive chat war was spurred on the validity of this name.

After much bargaining with a mod the Nation was given the choice of either "The Golden Horde" or "Severia" until infamous retard DocW burst into the ticket saying all names suggested (including the ones a previous mod had okayed) were null and invalid. After much argument with Doc about ethnic regions and geography (DocW refused to give the name Yamal, as the home of the capital Malygina was off the coast of the province by 2 chunks) DocW issued an ultimatum. Either choose Bely Island (after the name of the capital's island) or choose Siberia with the included stipulation that he would choose for the nation if a timely decision was not met.

Thankfully, the hard working citizens of the nation managed to contact a different mod off the record and change it to its current name, Severia. And thus the nation was finally born.