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Town Information
Full Name City of Chaeronea
Nation Republic of Cascadia
Population 13
Area 5,804 chunks
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png -20478, -9041
Continent North America
Discord kMAVTqrd6q
Economic System
Official Language English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor WrestlingWithGod
Political System Mayor-council
Vice-mayor 3llies
House of Reps. representation Eastern
Historical Information
Established October 29, 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors Pelleaon
Past Councillors

Chaeronea, officially the City of Chaeronea, is a major city and commercial hub in the Republic of Cascadia. It is the largest city in the eastern region of Cascadia, sometimes referred to informally as the Frontier, a label taken by the town and named after a historical electoral district for the Cascadia House of Representatives, referred to as the Frontier. The city, being founded in late October 2022, has grown into a major center of commerce and culture within not just the immediate surrounding areas but in the country as a whole.

Early Settlement

Chaeronea was one of the first settlements in the greater frontier region in Cascadia (Aurora). It was founded by a player named Pelleaon who came to the server in October 2022, along with a group of players who called themselves the Sixth Fleet. Chaeronea was founded and quickly joined the nation of Cascadia.

During its creation and initial growth, Chaeronea became a hotspot for hunters, and attacked many of its early residents, however due to the pvp experience they had they were able to kill the hunter and take their netherite set. The hunters name has been lost to time.

Because the town was founded by a group of close friends, it is believed that is the first main cause of a newer identity to form within the town separate from the Cascadian identity (which over time would spread to other close towns within the region).

Only a month after Chaeroneas creation town leadership was passed to WrestlingWithGod, who then appointed Akeboun as the vice mayor.

As Chaeronea grew in size it became an economic hub for the greater frontier region, not only sparking a new identity in the area but being able to rival the towns of Phoenix and Ephrata, other political holdings.

Notable Locations

Chaeronean Historical Building

The Chaeronean Historical Building was originally the home of Akeboun, and was the first building constructed within the town. Having been met with criticisms early on in the towns history, it has become a staple of the rich history of Chaeronea.

Among Us Park

Among Us Park started off as one statue named The Impostor built by Pelleaon, and soon five more multi colored statues were built around it.

Chaeronean Clock Tower

The Chaeronean Clock Tower is the tallest structure in Chaeronea and has a fully functioning clock face, making Chaeronea the first town in Cascadia to have its very own time zone.

WrestlingWithGods Coptic Orthodox Church

The Coptic Orthodox Church is a church created by WrestlingWithGod, Chaeroneas current town mayor.

Chaeronean Library

The Chaeronean Library is currently still in construction, but is the largest library in the country

Chaeronean Mall

The Chaeronean Mall is the largest shop in Cascadia, larger than the N Spawn shop and currently sells map art, heads, blocks, items, armor, tools and weapons.

Regional Identity

The regional identity of the towns residents are Chaeronean, and many former residents still consider themselves such.