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Kingdom of Romania
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Romania
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Motto Nihil Sine Deo!
Population 270+ (May 2024)
Chunks 5530+ (May 2024)
/n list page
Capital City Brasov
Largest City Brasov
Oldest City Brasov
Established June 5, 2022
Official Language English / Romanian
Official Religion Eastern Orthodox Rite of the EMC Catholic Church
Discord Greater Romania Discord
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Leader name= Monarch DirtMan8729 and Monarch ChaseTheRomanian
Economic System Free Market Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals
Past Leaders
Past Capitals Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Kingdom of Romania (Regatul României) is a Constitutional Monarchy that was made on the 5 June, 2022 with the crowning of Gamewalker as King. Many of the old players from Terra Nova had migrated to continue the nation on the new earth server, Aurora.

Romania encompasses almost all of its Country Borders, being one of the sole European countries to do so. As of May 19, 2024, Romania is the most populated nation in Eastern Europe. With more than 32 towns and the core nation of the mega-nation Greater Romania.

Central European Union (CEU)

The leaders of Silesia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, and Austria had previously established the Central European Union (formed on January 16, 2023). The primary objectives of the elected leadership council were to enhance cooperation, encompassing economic aspects, and to prevent armed conflicts in the region.

Greater Romania

Romania left CEU and EU. At the current moment, Romania is apart of the mega-nation Greater Romania along with the following nations; (More information on Greater Romania can be found below).

  • Russian_Empire / Imperial Russia (Special co-joint status)
  • Rus_Federation
  • Wallachia
  • Moldova
  • Dacia
  • Translyvania
  • Switzerland
  • Primorye
  • Rotuma
  • Rio_Branco
  • Oklahoma
  • Iowa
  • Cossacks_Empire
  • Tatarstan
  • Habsburg_Empire

History and Formation

The nation was created on May 26, 2022, with its capital in Iași. It was initially named "Dacia" during this time, as another player named Eggz had already created the nation "Romania."

Later on, in June 5, 2022, the name of the nation was changed to "Romania" after Eggz left the Romanian land. During that period, the first cities were established: Cluj-Napoca, Tulcea, Chișinău, Sighișoara (a city founded by Unicornroz01 at the time and later sold to another player), Cernăuți, Iași, Bucharest, and Craiova, under the rule of King Gamewalker (reign years: June 1, 2022 - December 22, 2022).

As a result, the first government was formed by the following members:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: 32David

Minister of Interior: Crizibizi

Minister of Defense: Mesanu

The second government saw the addition of new Ministers:

Foreign Affairs: Cookie

Minister of Interior and Prime Minister: 32David

Minister of Infrastructure: Sami_Ipb

Stagnation and Autumn of 2022

The former King, Crizibizi, due to external reasons affecting his time on the server, resigned and sold the city of Cluj-Napoca for 1500 gold. After this, the nation became less active, and cities like Covasna (which was then the most extensive area on Romanian territory), Brasov, and Cluj-Napoca fell. Meanwhile, Crizibizi took over the city of Tulcea from its original mayor (myhnealut) to prevent it from falling and being occupied by other players.

On December 22, 2022, Gamewalker handed over leadership and the nation to Crizibizi in order to aid in the development and growth of the nation for precisely this reason: the nation required an active leader to reclaim lost territories and prevent any invasions.

Thus, the third Government was formed as follows:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: mesanu

Minister of Interior: Zmeus

Minister of Defense: Ghemacu

Minister of Infrastructure: Unicornroz01

The Kingdom of Romania experienced its own trials. As Autumn descended upon the nation in 2022, a period of stagnation gripped the nation. This phase of reduced activity and growth tested the resilience of the monarchy and its ruler. Challenges both internal and external may have contributed to this period of stagnation.

The First Golden Age

As the Kingdom of Romania embarked on this new chapter guided by King Crizibizi, a profound decision was at the heart of this renaissance. Just before Christmas Day, King Crizibizi extended an invitation to Ghemacu, who at that time led the nation of Maryland, to join the Kingdom's ranks. This decision marked a strategic move to strengthen the Kingdom's leadership and expand its influence.

Ghemacu, a veteran player from the old Nova server, played a crucial role in aiding the Kingdom. He contributed significantly by creating the city of Brasov and occupying a substantial area of 920 chunks, thereby bolstering the Kingdom's territorial presence and strategic influence.

In a parallel development, Unicornroz01, responded to the King's call for assistance. Returning to the server, she took on the role of Minister of Infrastructure and was later acknowledged as the Queen of the nation. Her contributions were notable and diverse, ranging from the enhancement of the new capital, Tulcea, to spearheading the construction of a subway system. Notably, she successfully reclaimed the city of Cluj-Napoca, which had been left in ruins.

Together, the collaborative efforts of these influential figures played a pivotal role in shaping the Kingdom's trajectory, fortifying its position on the server, and breathing new life into its ambitious pursuits.

Kaiser Leontan of Austria-Hungary. Former leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Unbanning of DirtMan8729

Austro-Hungarian Annexation / The Separatist War

On January 6th, 2024, Emperor Leontan of Austria-Hungary bought the nation of Romania from former King Sami_ipb, who owned the nation for a short time (~1 week) before selling his nation. Leontan then gave the nation to the new proclaimed leader DirtMan8729 to try and revive the nation, that only stood at around ~20 members and eligible to be overclaimed.

After this, disputes with Romanian mayors started, many towns left to join the Separatist States of Wallachia and Moldova. including former government members Gamewalker, Crizibizi, Unicornroz01, ChaseTheRomanian, mesanu, Zmeus and more.

Romania sub-sequentially joined the mega-nation of Austria-Hungary and began to revitalize the formerly dead nation. Bringing it to 50+ members with a new governing body of Senators and Ministers.

Walls were made around borders that were shared with Wallachian towns. Wallachian leader, ChaseTheRomanian, found this to be an assault on his nation and therefore overclaimed into Brasov with the Wallachian town, Craiova. The Austro-Hungarian Empire then declared war on Wallachia resulting in a separation of both parties and limit to any further diplomatic negotiations

Duplication Scheme and Banning of DirtMan8729

Months of war continued and the Austrian-Hungarian leader and his other nation leaders and town mayors inside the mega-nation got banned for accusations of duplicating gold including DirtMan8729, SIRhary and semioperational. Wallachia and Moldova Declared Victory over the war and planned to get Brasov back.

After some time, DirtMan8729 was unbanned and was found innocent of the gold duplication from Austria-Hungary. Soon after, other senators SIRhary and semioperational were also unbanned. During the time following, the town Arges was seized by Romania from Wallachia after the mayor had 42 day'd.

The official will of Kaiser Leontan

Abdication of Kaiser Leontan von Habsburg

Kaiser Leontan had abdicated the throne after being banned from EMC February 8th 2024. On February 13th 2024 he had announced his will in which Prime Minister of Romania, DirtMan8729, was to officiate the throne of the Austria-Hungary mega-nation and thereafter, become the sole ruler of Romania.

This announcement came after the permanent closure of all of the appeal tickets of the remaining Austro-Hungarian affiliates.

An End to the War / Creation of Greater Romania

Slowly but surely, new diplomatic talks were opened with Wallachia, Moldova and Romania. many proposals were made on peace, but leader of Romania, DirtMan8729 found that the only sure way of ending the conflict was to change the concept and image of the mega-nation.

The Arch of Brasov, one of the first builds of the Austro-Hungarian reign of Romania, which still stand today.

After the deletion of old the old nation Hungary and town Novi_Sad, among other lost assets to the mega-nation. DirtMan8729 and the Government of Austria-Hungary concluded in a vote to reform the Austro-Hungarian alliance into Greater Romania.

A day after its creation, former state enemies ChaseTheRomanian of Wallachia and mesanu of Moldova joined Greater Romania through their constitution that was made March 4, 2024 as a main principle to the concept being ChaseTheRomanian ruling alongside DirtMan8729 both sharing equal power as monarchs among their town mayors (Guvernul) of Romania.