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Profile Information
Aliases Ghemacu / _Mauzer / Alikapal /BlandPilot47
Town Mandrikovo
Towny Rank Mayor/King
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 17th December 2019
Place of Spawn Mongolia/China
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History


Ghemacu was the leader or president of Sibir and the mayor of Suceava,capital of the nation that he sold,now he is the mayor of Dubai.After giving Dubai to it's friend _Localizer he then gone to Romania and made a town called Sibiu.After staying there for four months he moved to Siberia.He first joined the server on 17th December 2019, right after he bought Minecraft. He didn't entered in the 2 days after because he waited for BigBangCat555 to buy Minecraft and enter the server.


The first month.

Starting in Mongolia or China he walked to Tibet to meet his friend BigBangCat555. Then they have gone to Persia and made a boat to go to Africa. After several minutes they first landed in Tanzania and they have gone next to DRC, then Angola, Zambia, Namibia and finally Botswana. They made a base that wasn't even in plots because the lack of understanding how the server works. They only know the needed gold to make a town.

They stayed there for five days until they realised that someone keep stealing their gold. The next day they packed away all their items and set sail for New York.They noticed in the middle of the road that someone was following them and they started listening to Black Ops 2 Soundtrack: Savimbi's Pride. When they got near Cuba the follower did /t spawn and left them alone in the Atlantic Ocean. When they got near Maryland they started listening to Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind. Then they started to say in chat that they are sex slaves that escaped from a African Warlord cage. BigBangCat was invited to Flint (today Michigan), Ghemacu walked all the way from New York to Flint. He was invited in the city and was given a house.

After that stayed in the town of Flint for over a week they made 64 gold. Then they started to plan where to make the city. They were so retarded that they didn't know that they could do ./n spawn .They chose the area where Mandrikovo is now. They started to pack again all theirs items and leave the city. They left Flint and made a boat and used the Atlantic Highway to get to England. After they left England and continued their way going into the Arctic Ocean by boat. The road lasted about one hour and thirty minutes until they got in Far East. They made a chest and put all their items in it. They buried the trunk in the dirt and planted a tree on him. After this they killed themself and spawned back in Flint taking the rest of the items with them leaving the city. The same route again but this time they landed on Severny Island, they started to punch themselves, and didn't knowing that if you get damage and leaving the server will result in death Ghemacu died.

March Renaissance

They didn't enter the server for about 2 months until they were somewhat bored and then they remembered about the location of the chest. BigBangCat555 and Ghemacu entered the server with the last location they were about two months ago. BigBangCat555 gave Ghemacu the 64 gold and he said that he will enter the next day to invite him into the city. Ghemacu made the city of Mandrikovo and didn't knowing about F3+G he was killed out of his city approximately one block away by Uberietzsche saying he made the city on Sibir claims and Ghemacu needed to pay him 7 gold every week. Ghemacu didn't take this seriously and he didn't even pay him until this day. Uberietzsche paid him one more visit but Ghemacu was AFK.


Being the Mayor of Mandrikovo

Returning to the day he made the city of Mandrikovo the next day he inv. BigBangCat555 to the town and they started to make underground farms and on the ground they started to build communist building and a 1:20000 replica of The Triumf arc from Pyongyang. Those building didnt last to long because they wanted to be more edgy and they then started to build skyscrapers with European arhitecture. The city started to develope slowly but was ok because there was only Ghemacu and BigBangCat555. In April another three friends joined the server: MDactioner, XXOmarPro, LilPanda7272. Making the population of the town 5 players. They didn't like the idea of being in Siberia so they didn't enter the server only just to not get kicked out for 42 days of inactivity. In this time Ghemacu spend his time building skyscrapers and the Museum. The city became inactive, only Ghemacu entered the server just to vote.

Being the leader of Urodan

The first base can be seen to this day from dynmap.
The first base can be seen from dynmap.

From April to July only Ghemacu entered the server just to vote. After 4 months of voting he made the necessary gold to make the nation of Urodan. He supported a complete isolation of nation. He invited again XXOmarPro to the server only this time he would give him gold to make Port_Evensk. But everything changed when the rebels attacked (XXOmarPro, LilPanda7272, MDactioner, BigMamaPietroke) they threatened to stop entering the server if Urodan will not change the ideology to Democracy. Ghemacu and BigBangCat555 didn't take this threat seriously so they ignored. The Rebels said that BigBangCat555 should enter on the server helping them to build Port Evensk. It was a trap, when he got on the server they killed BigBangCat555.The rebels then had the pretext that the government didn't gave LilPanda7272 25g to buy a mending book. Seven hours later, they made a agreement to change the name of the country to Magadan and change its Ideology.

Being the leader of Magadan

After the revolution he made some treaties with the neighbouring nation CCCP and made the town of Magadan_City. Some reforms were made. But the democracy wouldn't work to much time because of the new town and because of the soyboy friends that wanted to be equal with the leaders and they were jealous that BigBangCat555 made a shop that made some nice money out of it.

Being the leader of Socialist Republic of Magadan

SROM joined PRS on 20 of September. The state wouldn't last two weeks that Magadan and Sibir will merge into two states forming a nation.

USK Head of the Government

On October, Magadan and Sibir made a one nation made of two states: Sibir and Magadan. Ghemacu would later give BigMamaPietroke the nation leader in Magadan. He would join Sibir in the Capital city. But after two or three weeks he quit Sibir and made a town near Lacusmagnia and Illinois. He lost 900g because he bought all the claims. Later that day Dukasv messaged him on discord saying that he would give Ghemacu nation leader role only to come back because without him Sibir will be in political turmoil. Ghemacu accepted so he disbanded the city.

Merging with Sibir and Being the Nation Leader

He joined back in Sibir and was given the Mayor role making him the Leader of Sibir. He later told BigMamaPietroke to disband Magadan because they will assimilate their territory into Sibir, but BigMamaPietroke is 11 year old that didn't wanted to disband Magadan only later he accepted because it was promised he will be the Prime Minister (it wouldn't be). So Magadan disbanded and joined Sibir. Ghemacu made a series of reforms in Sibir and introduced elections back.