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Michigan is a nation located in the Great Lakes region in North America with its capital being Detroit. Michigan was established on the 29th of September 2019 by MrJimBobJr who was the Governor of the nation. Michigan is currently a member of the USA.


Expansion Era

After being founded, Michigan found itself in a battle of influence as Michigan was largely empty but found itself deterring settlements by Virginia as their borders expanded. As xSpifflesx, being Acting President until the first elections were held, had close relations with the leader of New York Lucas2011. The Council of the Virginian Commonwealth believed Michigan was a colony of New York. This was later clarified to be untrue and has now resulted in Michigan and Virginia working together on projects and fighting against hostile neighbors in America.

As Michigan grew with towns scattered across Michigan and all developing at a steady pace, Flint had grown greatly in comparison although during this time neighboring town, Detroit, had grown increasingly hostile. This resulted in the town mayor NFISH2021 attempting to attack xSpifflesx which led to NFISH2021 being killed by lava in the Michigan Senate Building. This led to an agreement to no further altercations between Michigan and Virginia.

The town of Toledo joined Michigan with CallMeKingJames as Mayor. In less than one week it gathered over 80 residents. This led to a border agreement between Toledo and neighboring town Trout. This further lowered relations between Michigan and Virginia as some lawmakers in the Virginian Commonwealth used this to try and push for war. This was due to Toledo claiming one plot of land that went against the agreement but was soon after unclaimed. This was later resolved yet has left relations remaining fragile.

Bill_Clinton2019 (Leader of Toledo) later went on to found the nation of Ohio, a close ally of Michigan.

Rising Era

On the 13th of November 2019, Michigan had voted to join the United States of America. During this period Michigan had established Flint as a large metropolitan area with shops being created to attract foreign businesses such as Megs Mobs who established it's North American branch there. By the 24th of November, Michigan had taken part in the first US elections. Electing one senator and three representatives, this allowed Michigan to influence how the USA was run as well as xSpifflesx being elected as President of the USA.

Over that time xSpifflesx ran a somewhat stable USA where over that period the Virginian Commonwealth had declined to have no effective power which resulted in more stability for Michigan to allow it to grow. In this period new towns had been settled such as Linwood, NorthBerry, and Grand Ledge.

By the time Michigan had it's second Presidential Election, Michigan had voted to leave the USA due to its non-functional government, xSpifflesx resigning as well as the actual development of Michigan's towns had begun to stagnate. In the second election, VvegeteHD was reelected with a landslide victory, gaining 66.7% of the vote. Since then there was a greater focus on Michigan's growth. Flint's name was later changed to Downtown Detroit.

Downfall Era

Michigan gets bought by Rio Grande during the NAU-RIO war, ending the current goverment who flees with the money to Asia. Soon later, the president of Michigan would be Fractured_Soul Fractured_Soul, and giving his friend t0rnado_ in charge of North Detroit, Michigan's second biggest city.

When Fractured_Soul announced he was leaving EMC, he gave his nation to t0rnado_ and gave him the president rank. Meanwhile, t0rnado_ gave North Detroit and the chancellor rank to TheScrabble . Nowadays, t0rnado_ is the current president of Michigan and the mayor of Lansing, the nation's capital.

During this moments, Michigan's number of towns and population as most of the towns join different nations of the north USA. This affects critically Michigan, as the nation goes down to /n list 10 and to only have 17 residents and 7 towns. Meanwhile, Ohio and Ontario increased in number of towns and residents.


The government of Michigan consists of an Attorney General as Head of State who's role includes them being the figurehead of the nation and represents the nation diplomatically and for ceremonial reasons. There is also a Senate where all towns in the nation receive one Senator, as each Mayor becomes Senators however once a town has over 5 residents they receive one more Senator. Senators can introduce and vote on laws.

The President is an elected position with an election being held every six weeks allowing any citizens to run for President. The President represents the nation diplomatically and also can introduce and vote on laws. However, the President cannot overrule the Senate and must seek approval from the Senate to declare war. The President is also able to create a cabinet to oversee different areas of government.


Michigan consists of almost all of the state of Michigan with towns across the state.

North -


North Detroit

South -


West -

Grand Ledge

Michigan decreased critically in number of towns, as most joined Ontario and Ohio.

Notable Buildings

Cadillac Model shown in GM Corporate Building
Small townhouses in Flint suburbs
General Motors factory located in Downtown Flint
St Tridents Church of Bruhism
Apartments in Central Flint
Michigan Senate Building and Flint Police Department
Modern Apartments