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The Republic of Michigan is a North American nation in the Michigan and Superior Peninsula. It's capital is the City of Detroit.

Republic of Michigan
Coat of Arms
Great Lakes as of August 3, 2022.pngMap of the Great Lakes, with Michigan in Dark Blue.
National Information
Full Name Republic of Michigan
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 204
Chunks 948
Capital City Detroit
Largest City Detroit
Oldest City Detroit
Discord Michigan Discord
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Republic
Economic System Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information


The Nation of Michigan was founded on May 18, 2022.

Around Early June 2022 after many weeks of distress between Beaverman and the general population Beaver was given 500g to leave Detroit and quit impeding its development.

In Mid to Late August 2022 the 3M Corporation headquartered in Michigan became one of if not the first Corporations on Aurora to Cross 50 thousand gold in sales.



The Michigan Government is divided between 2 branches, a supreme Legislative and Executive. The Legislature consisting of the Michigan House of Representatives, an elected body of residents tasked with creating laws and holding the President accountable. The Executive consists of an Elected President and Vice President responsible for running the nation on a daily basis and acting as a figurehead for both citizens and foreigners. The Constitution of Michigan provides the foundation which the government rests upon outlining how the nation should operate, what powers are granted to which entities, and granting citizens rights and protections from the government.

Altering the constitution requires 3/4 of the entire House and 2/3 of present citizens to assent. the House with a simple majority and the Presidents approval may pass laws or acts which are enforceable as long as they do not violate the constitution. The President alone may issue an executive order which are enforceable as they do not violate an existing law, act, or the Constitution. All Executive orders, Acts, Laws, and the Constitution are public to the entire server so as to maintain transparency.

Lampeking Presidency

Lampeking was elected as the Nations first President beating both Cazyman and Aurora. This term was characterized by the creation of the in game Nation, economic growth with the shopping district being developed and multiple private businesses growing rapidly, and the commissioning of the Capitol building.

Michigan's 2nd Presidential elections began June 29th 2022, with LampeKing, ImAPoggers, Led3monslayer, and twomoo1119 running. Led3monslayer is last with twomoo1119 and ImAPoggers tied for second. Lampeking won with 57.14% (8 of 14) of the vote, and served his 2nd term without incident. The Michigan Capitol building was also completed during this term.


Canada as of July 6th guarantees the claims of Michigan. After the Canada's Diplomatic Reset it upheld the previous border agreements with Michigan.

Anaphase_Andy Presidency

Michigan's July 24th elections ended with Anaphase_Andy defeating De_Conquerer 24-24, with a total 55.81% of the Vote. A July 30th poll showed a 58.8% approval rating for the President. However this brief honeymoon phase ended as President Anaphase_Andy became inactive, and was unable to make an address in a timely fashion. On August 9, President Anaphase_Andy resigned shortly before impeachment. A contemporary poll showed a 20% approval rating as 4/5 Michiganers would have voted to impeach the President. Upon his resignation, his Vice-President 71Camino became President. His presidency was know as the darkest hour of Michigan.

71Camino Presidency

71Camino's Presidency was defined by Michigan's ongoing expansion, and the fallout from President Anaphase_Andy's fall from grace.

The disgraced President moved to Texas. At this time, controversy ensued when foreigners learned of Michigan's 10k gold 'debt,' which for all practical purposes was just gold given to the nation by its residents.

4th Midwest Union Election Results

On August 28th after campaigning from both greekenderman and 71Camino, Incumbent 71Camino was elected Midwest Union President 24-11, winning 68.6% of the vote.

Private Enterprise

Michigan Mining and Manufacturing Co.

The Largest business in Michigan is the 3M Corporation with 54839g in sales on Aurora as of 9/7/2022. Founded November 2019 on Nova it has continuously been the main creditor to whichever nation it owes allegiance to. 3M has previously been criticized as too large however with the advent of other businesses in Detroit this has faded from public consciousness.

Loren Mining and Construction

LMC is the primary material supplier in Michigan being used by both the government, 3M, and other foreign and domestic individuals and organizations.


EMC Now is a small news organization run by BraasMonke out of Springfield. It focuses on the North American Continent.

Unbiased News

Unbiased news is a mid sized news organization run by Greekenderman out of Pasok_City. It focuses on the international scene and has previously been called biased.

Anaphase Industries

Anaphase Industries was the namesake company of former Michigan president Anapahse_Andy, it's assets were seized and resold to generate government revenue after he resigned in disgrace and fled the country.

Alpena Trading Co.

AT Co. is owned and run by 71Camino. Founded in Alpena it has since been moved to Dyraville.

Ciqc Real Estate

Owned by Ciqc this business owned a large portion of downtown Detroit before its owner moved out of the country. Due to foreigners not having property rights under the constitution and general distaste for his way of doing business the government saw fit to seize his plots and resell them to pay down the national debt. He has since protested this decision by standing outside the homes and businesses of Representatives for hours at a time.

Grand Rapids Industrial Manufacturing Inc.

The only official company operating out of Grand Rapids, G.R.I.M. Inc. is a small business selling a variety of different materials and items. The company is headed by thenewpyro, ZeOnlyNaDo, and alecmancool.

Antrim Works

Owned and run by bluebananaslug, Antrim Works is a Small business that sells a variety of products most notably Netherite Ingots, Leather, and Quartz Blocks, though most of the quartz is supplied to LMC, and the business makes most of its money from selling bulk netherite at cheap prices.