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_Scrabs, known in-game as Fasciist, is the banned former leader of Klondike, and present leader of Sahtu.



Scrabs joined EMC for the first time the 22nd of February, 2020, by the name beegle345 / TheScrabble. The first town he joined was Eversince, Dame-Marie (Now disbanded), but soon later he made his first town. It isn't very known about Scrabs's beginning since he was always switching towns and nations.


Although Scrabs was a townhopper, he remained as a French citizen for 2 months before stablishing his own nation. Scrabs first joined the Antarctic (A french colony in the South Pole) then joined Paris and made his own town in Northeast France, Liege. When the French civil war began, he joined MikeyI and 32Benja in the revolutionary side of the war. In the middle of the war, in June, Scrabs joined Michigan since one of his friends invited him to hold North Detroit.


Scrabs was invited to join Michigan to hold a town owned by one of the mayors, T0rnado_. T0rnado_ was being promoted to leader of Michigan when Fractured_Soul decided to leave EarthMC, and Scrabs decided to join the nation. He later owned North Detroit (Currently Farwell) for another pair of months before moving to the capital.

Fractured_Soul was later promoted to leader of Michigan again because T0rnado_ was leaving, and with his promotion, Scrabs became Vice President of Michigan since he recruited for the nation.

Months later, Michigan and Illinois started rising in population levels and a conflict was about to happen between the nations. An ultimatum was sent to Lansing, the capital of Michigan. Because Scrabs was dealing with Illinois (And the president of Cascadia must be the one to deal with it because of a law), Scrabs was almost kicked from Cascadia. He later left Michigan and moved to Cuba.


After Scrabs left Michigan, he joined Cuba and started making money in order to buy a new nation. Benny, Antlex and him went to buy New Granada from Poland and Scrabs became owner of it. When the custom heads and the mystery crates were added to EMC, he started buying and selling them until he made 2.3k gold ingots.

After this, he became minister of economy and treasury of Cuba, but 3 days later, Scrabs gave New Granada to 32Puschel to recruit in Salish, but never came back.

Arkansas and British Columbia

When Scrabs left Cuba, he joined Salish (Currently British Columbia) to apparently recruit, but he later left to create Arkansas between the Louisiana and Illinois borders. The nation ended up being given to SovietLord since Scrabs wanted to join British Columbia and not a conflictive area.

First in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Scrabs decided to make a town by the name of Echo Bay, in the Great Bear Lake, while it was property of either Athabascan (Province of British Columbia) or no one, with the purpose of creating a nation by the name of Northwest Territories. Soon later, he became king of Klondike, and with NWT (New Canada) being created, he later expanded Klondike to different zones of Yukon and Northwest Territories (Northwest Canada), reaching up to 9 towns and a population of 100 residents. Scrabs was elected as minister of Foreign Affairs, but before the January 2021 chancellor elections ended, he left British Columbia and joined Cascadia.


After Klondike joined Cascadia, several other nations also joined. Scrabs started expanding Klondike at a faster speed and reached an amount of 15 towns and 176 residents, almost reaching the /n list, but because of a large purge in his town, Klondike went down to 80 residents and only 11 towns.

Since 2 players from different nations started selling beacons for 60 and 70 gold ingots, Scrabs took a chance and started selling beacons for 30, leading to the February 2021 beacon market break. Although he sold at least 10 beacons, this ended soon when Takii killed the skeleton. This was the end of the market break, and it only lasted 1 full day, but people kept selling beacons for 50 and 60 gold ingots.

Scrabs is currently banned from EarthMC after reaching 5 warns. It is still questioned if his last warn was actually legit.

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