Peoples Republics of Russia

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People's Republics of Russia
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Coat of Arms
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National Information
Full Name People's Republics of Russia
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem File:PRR Anthem.ogg
Motto Who needs therapy, when you got trial and error?
Population 124
Chunks 3,203
Capital City Voliograd, CCCP
Largest City Britain, Yakutia
Oldest City Britain, Yakutia
Government Information
Political System Parliamentary Democracy
Economic System Any
Army Size Confidential
Part of
Historical Information


The PRR is a Union / Super nation Located in the east from the Urals. It is made up of 16 Nations. This are the current members of the PRR. Below it is a list of the Former Members of the PRR.

Members of the People's Republics of Russia
Name Join Date Leader Capital
CCCP April 11th, 2020 Vicky151 Voliograd
USSR August 8th, 2020 Leny1135 Half Life
World August 8th, 2020 LandonHM08 Landonbourg
Yakutia September 19th, 2020 Masrain Britain
Khabarovsk November 1st, 2020 GREEKRAT08 Okhotsk
Zhilinda January 3rd, 2021 Dip33 Chernobyl
Sakha January 26th, 2021 issuesal Vezzeransk
SovietUnion January 27th 2021 LordHashBrown Novosibirsk
Siberia March 8th, 2021 Cheeseknife Severstal Yard
Far East April 5th, 2021 julianmxchoppa Dunwich
Northern Russia June 5th, 2021 ZENNING Svetlograd
East Russia June 5th, 2021
Evenkia June 18th, 2021 MissTibet Tura
(new) Lena July 26th, 2021 riyad_14 Isshin
Straya August 14th, 2021 Fraccu Oasis
Pakistan August 15th, 2021 Jayden7566 Ormara
Former Members of the People's Republics of Russia
Name Capital First Term Second Term
UCSP Porpuris May 18th 2020 - May 30th 2020
Sibir Bilibino July 2nd 2020 - November 18th 2020 December 13th 2020 - May 15th 2021
Andorra Andorra August 21st 2020 - December 1st 2020
Mongolia Baka September 11th 2020 - March 3rd 2021
(old) Lena Lena September 14th 2020 - October 1st 2020
Alaskan Union N/A September 15th 2020 - September 18th 2020
Far Neverland September 20th 2020 - August 18th 2021
Magadan Mandrikovo September 20th 2020 - November 4th 2020
Karafuto Bijin November 17th 2020 - January 2nd 2021
WestVerkhoyansk WestVerkhoyansk December 8th 2020 - December 10th 2020
Burgundy Borgongouge December 12th 2020 - Unknown
PRC N/A December 12th 2020 - Unknown
Kamtchatka Ilyprskoe January 20th 2021 - January 29th 2021
Yunnan N/A January 21st 2021 - January 22nd 2021
New Holland N/A January 22nd 2021 - Unknown
Arctic Ocean Nowhere March 2nd 2021 - Unknown


The Beginning

On April 13th 2020, Vicky151, julianmxchoppa and more people that eventually quit made the town of Voliograd, at the same time funding what would become the PRR. For its first month, the town kept progressing a lot, and even started building up strong relationships with its neighboring Nations such as USSR (Formerly Verkhoyansk), Sibir, Kamtchatka, and even nations like Korea.

The Canadian Conflict

Around May, a player called Matrixy owned a town on Avalon, but left Avalon and contacted julianmxchoppa for help. Matrixy accused the Canadian Empire of manipulating votes, and mistreating its own citizens. Matrixy never told julianmxchoppa that she almost won the Prime Minister elections, but Tyce and Morgini discovered the plans to coupe the Empire before she won. On May 18th 2020, the town that wanted to make a nation joined the PRR (Known at this time as the PUSSRS). After multiple discord raids, diplomacy was started between the CE and the PUSSRS. After about a week of negotiations, Tyce declined the offer that was proposed, even sending Morgini_ to purge the town. Under terms with Tyce, Porpuris was kicked out of the PUSSRS and returned to Avalon. Couple hours later, it was disbanded. Immediately, the PUSSRS started to grow strong relations with Kingston, and 2 months later Quebec and Baffin.

Getting Bigger

On June 18th 2020, the PUSSRS changed its name to the PULSRS, which slowly made it get more popularity on Eastern Russia. On July 2nd 2020, Sibir became the 2nd member of the PULSRS, nearly doubling the size of the PULSRS Claims. During this time, the PULSRS acted as a direct alliance with Sibir. Both nations helped with infrastructure and many smaller projects. Relations with Verkhoyansk started to boom a lot during this time. On August 8th 2020, Verkhoyansk joined the PULSRS, doubling its size again. Couple days later, Sibir introduced Andorra into the PULSRS as a territory, effectively making it the first permanent European Member of the PULSRS. August 31st 2020 was an important day for the PULSRS. On the morning, the PULSRS changed its name to its current name: PRS, which helped out a lot, Couple hours later, Amphire, along with the help of Mocc, julianmxchoppa and Fruitloopins created the nation of Kichera. Around 11pm on the 1st of September at 1am, CCCP was made with the help of Leny1135, Fruitloopins, Amphire and julianmxchoppa. 9 days after, Leny1135 and Vicky151 helped SwolOne create the nation of Alaskan_Union, making it briefly the 2nd territory ever of the PRS in North America. On September 11th of 2020, Kichera joined the PRS, following with Lena on the 14th. On the 15th, Alaskan_Union joined as an observer state, but was later kicked out of the PRS. On the 19th, Yakutia joined the PRS. On the 20th, Magadan and Far joined the PRS. On September 30th, Lena was sadly disbanded by the admins. With this happening, Lena is no longer a nation, and therefore left the PRS. On October 15th, julianmxchoppa started to plan the nation of Karafuto alongside more players like Leny1135, StellarSamurai, Yaki_Yaiba, and infamous player Yllalen. Around this time the nation of Khabarovsk showed interest in joining when they started relations with USSR (Formerly Verkhoyansk).

Nearing a Year

Around the time of November, Magadan and Sibir started to unify slowly, making in the long process the nations of

  1. Sibegadan (Sibir + Magadan)
  2. United Siberian Kingdom
  3. The Sibir Empire

On the 1st of November, the nation of Khabarovsk (led by Nimbuh7) joined the PRS officially after a month of negotiations. On the 3rd of November, julianmxchoppa alongside Yaki_Yaiba, and Yllalen, formed the nation of Karafuto located on IRL Russia. This marked the day that julianmxchoppa would step down as one of the Leaders of the PRS, officially leaving on November 14th marking the 8th Months of PRS Rule. In the early morning of November 4th, Ghemacu officialy disbanded the nation of Magadan, becoming the leader of Sibir, and Dukasv becoming the Emperor of the Sibir Empire.

On November 17th 2020, Sibir joined Japan as a Colony. Right after that, Karafuto joined the PRS. On November 18th 2020, the PRS silently kicked Sibir out of the PRS due to many previews incidents already ongoing on the PRS, including Sibir joining Japan. On November 19th 2020, Both Japan and Sibir publicly announced on their own Discord servers the event, and Sibir announced that they left the PRS. On November 25th 2020, the PRS sent out a statement to Japan after KawadaJP sent out a statement about a 2nd Japanese Siberia which was planned to be placed around 2500 blocks away from Asia (Core PRS Territory between USSR, Mongolia and Yakutia). On the same day, julianmxchoppa was re-imposed as one of the Leaders of the PRS. From November 25th to 29th, the member nation Karafuto would start and join many alliances such as

  1. The Northern Entente (Disbanded when Severny switched Tzars)
  2. The Kamakura Pact (Knows as New Kamakura Alliance)
  3. New Northern Entente
  4. Nunavut Empire

On December 6th, some players that used to have towns of Qing formed the town of Sakha Republic and joined the member nation of USSR in an effort to become their own nation and be a full member of the PRS. Along this time relations with Quebec start to loosen a bit due to some Sahkan citizens constantly going back and forth with Quebec. Around this time, plans for renaming the PRS into the PRR (People's Republics of Russia) started but where mostly concepts for the meantime. WestVerkhoyansk (Irish town) was also considered a PRS Member around this time. On December 13th after a long conversation between Dukasv and julianmxchoppa, Sibir left Japan and rejoined the PRS. Along with Dukasv leaving EarthMC, he put the nation to sell. Player Favalli bought Sibir and made it join the Greater Kamtchatkan Empire. A couple of days later, Kamtchatka and PRS came to an agreement that would make An Player the representative of Sibir in the PRS.

On December 12th, the nation of Burgundy joined the PRS, making it the first official nation in Europe to ever join. Just a few hours after, the nation of PRC joined the PRS. That same day the Japanese city of Taira started contemplating a posibility of joining the PRS, just to be stopped by last minute plans of Skeen and Prime_Logos to join Japan instead. During this period before New Years, tentions began to rise between Karafuto and Severny due to julianmxchoppa and Leny1135 having planned a nation close to the nation of Rus_Khaganate (Now known as Sahka). At the end nothing happened and everything continued as usual. On the 28th of December, player LandonHM08 created his own party in the PRS known as the Siberian Republican Party. Some time after the party was created, Swrhitzy went to Landon's messages and started asking things as "Is this a coup?" Showing clear intention to help out with the movement. It is believed that TheLocalWizard may have been involved too.

The Start of 2021

On January 1st, Kim_Taehyung sold the nation of Nebraska after buying it on late 2020. Kim decided to join Karafuto later that day to help julianmxchoppa sell his nation. On January 3rd, the nation of Karafuto was sold and therefor left the PRS. Couple minutes later, the nation of Zhilinda was made. On January 10th, the PRS discovered that Swrhitzy had intentions to help with what he originally thought was a coup, and was confronted quickly with the possibility of war but then Swrhitzy lowered the tensions. On January 17th, SouthCalifornia couped the neighboring nation of Kamtchatka after 32Monsters asked for his nation to be given back by 1MinisterPhoenx. This caused the PRS to send an ultimatum to SouthCalifornia requiring them to give back the nation of Kamtchatka to 32Monsters. Gaming35 followed the ultimatum, but instead of giving back the nation to 32Monsters, he transferred the capital to a town that's about to disband. On the 21st, Yunnan joined the PRS after they started improving relations. The next day, the PRS kicked them off the PRS because they posted a threat between Indochinese and PRS relations. After the kick of Yunnan from the PRS, the PRS started growing at a really fast rate which included the addition of 4 nations.

The PRR Era

On January 27th 2021, the PRS changed its name to the PRR after almost expanding into the Central Russia region. A temporary flag was made due to the name change. After an announcement made in the Russian Empire discord saying "Russian Eastward Expansion Eminent" along with 2 announcements in the Severny and PRR discord both saying "Russia go Brrr", rumors started spreading within the PRR discord that Russia was being unified in one way or another. Around this time, the nations of East_Russia and SovietUnion joined the PRR. A few days later, East_Russia left silently, and was officially kicked out of March 3rd 2021. The PRR also got a new flag which switched the Blue and Red, which was the first time in nearly a year to change pattern. Tensions between the PRR and Severny also weakened. The next week, both the nations of Siberia and Arctic_Ocean joined the PRR. On May 10th 2021, the PRR, Severny and Russian Empire publicly announced the creation of the Russian Federation which had been in the works since January 15th 2021, and became official on January 31st 2021. For the following months, the PRR would become a bit inactive. On April 5th 2021, the nation of Far_East was given to julianmxchoppa in an agreement with Vinland. Arrangements for the 1 year anniversary of the PRR would start taking place.

Anniversary Week

On April 11th 2021, both julianmxchoppa and Vicky151 celebrated their 1 year anniversaries, throwing different parties and events such as the PRR Hunger Games (Run from USSR to CCCP without getting killed). On April 12th 2021, Voliograd (PRR Capital) started a third wave of development after the 2nd development got demolished. At the end of the day, a stage and a completely remodeled Voliograd Tower with modern Western Soviet styled apartments where completed. On April 12th, the nation of Sakha left the PRR silently due to possible problems in the Golden Federation. Finally the 13th arrived, marking the 1 year anniversary. Around 8PM EST, a celebration was hosted by Vicky151 and julianmxchoppa which featured speeches from Vicky151, julianmxchoppa, StellarSamurai, LandonHM08, Leny1135 and Sirta. Unlike the leader's expectation, there wasn't as many people showing off, but at the end of the day it was a success. Unfortunately, the celebration wouldn't last long.

The Russian Terror

A few hours after the PRR anniversary took place, Emperor of the Russian Empire _Bunnyrich_ publicly announced that he was banned nearly a month ago. This announcement caused a lot of confusion as many players didn't know what to expect, which formed into fear. The Russian Empire's capital St. Petersburg was 10 days away from being turned into a Towny Ruin. Under this state, any former resident can buy the town, and at first idea this may look good, but there where 2 major problems:

  1. The population in St. Petersburg is ridiculously innactive, which can cause the city to disband
  2. Russian Empire had faced huge protest in the past months. which can cause the city to fall into the enemies of the empire
  3. In either scenario, The Russian continent looses a symbol and a huge part of influental Russian culture.

With fear and desperation, a lot of Russian players started the #FreeBunnyrich and #GiveBunny24Hours movements, which had the purpose of pressuring the server staff to unban Bunnyrich for 24 hours in order to set aside any issues. Moderators however where quick to respond that Bunnyrich wasn't going to be unbanned due to moderator rules and that it would set a precedent for all future bans. A few weeks into the ban, the Golden Federation and Imperial Severny enemied each other, causing tentions in the Russian Federation to go into high levels. These back and forth would continue to escalate until May 10th 2021. The Severny Civil War had begun. As of May 11th, these are the sides

Imperial Severny

  • Severny
  • Quebec (Partially)

Golden Federation

  • Golden Federation
  • Golden Horde

This mass conflict caused the nation of Sakha to leave Imperial Severny and join the PRR. This war was followed by severe inactivity of the Russian Empire inside of the Russian Federation. This only left 2 enemy factions and the PRR to manage the RF.

ill work on this later im too lazy rn


The PRR doesn't have that much history with wars, primarily because the is not a lot to worry on the Siberian Area, but there has been 2 wars.

PRR V Shimazu

On the month of August, Shimazu took Seoul from Korea, with the excuse that Shimazu originally made Seoul. On the 15th of August, Korea declared war on Shimazu, following the Ultimatum Korea sent. 2 days later, the PRR Declared war on Shimazu. Not a lot has happened since, Apart from a major grief at Shimazu's capital, performed by julianmxchoppa. War ended on October with an undecided win due to very long inactivity from Shimazu's part. Now Shimazu and PRR are in good relations,

PRR V Kamtchatka (The Sibir War)

During the month of September, Kamtchatka took 2 towns from Sibir. So on the 18th of September, the PRR sent Kamtchatka an Ultimatum, telling Kamtchatka to give back the towns, or there would be retaliation. Unfortunately, Kamtchatka didn't listen, and ignored all warnings. On September 19th 2020, the PRR declared war on Kamtchatka.

Battle of Anastasis

The 1st battle happened at the Stolen town of Anastasis around the morning of September 20th. The Battle lasted about half an hour, resulting in 7 Kamtchatkan loses, while the PRR suffered no loses. It was a PRR Win

Skirmishes of Suceava

The PRR army met up on September 21st on the Capital of Sibir to march together all the way to the Kamtchatkan Capital. Due to there being way too many allies, Warriorr, a british PVPer, interviened with the march, Killing 2 PRR Soldiers in the process. Kamtchatka tried to claim the Skirmish as their victory, even though Kamtchatka never showed up to the skirmish. Later that day, Warriorr went to Kamtchatka to confront 32Monsters, but 32Monsters wouldn't come out of claims to fight. The Battle had no winner. Later that day, multiple PRR Forces went to Ilpyrskoe to fight 32Monsters, but no Kamtchatkan forces where on sight.

The Skirmishes of Suceava might also be referred as Battle of Ilpyrskoe.

Battle of Voliograd

In the night of September 21st, Kamtchatkan and Californian Forces marched from the Capital of Magadan: Mandrikovo to the Capital of the CCCP: Voliograd. The PRR was outnumbered (2 PRR, 4 KAMTCHATKA, 1 CALIFORNIA) , but managed to kill all 5 Kamtchatkan Soldiers, suffering no loses. The war had shown that Kamtchatka can't get kills.

On the 22nd of September, Kamtchatka surrendered to the PRR, signing the Treaty of AncientTown, with 100g as pay from the PRR so Kamtchatkan Forces could use towards its military. In total, an estimated of 15 Kamtchatkan Loses, and 0 PRR loses was the result. It was a PRR Win.

The 2nd Sibir War

On the 29th of September, the town of AncientTown (Sibir) was disbanded by Kamtchatkan government orders, making 32EnderTower the leader of Nicaragua (a Kamtchatka Colony). On the 30th of September, the PRR sent another ultimatum to Kamtchatka, which was denyied by the Kamtchatkan government. Kamtchatka went ahead and signed a peace treaty with the nation of Russian_Empire (Formerly known as Russia). After multiple negotiations between the PRR and Kamtchatka, 32Monsters decided to pay 64g to Dukasv, Making the war have no winner.

Government Structure

The PRR has a simple Government Structure, consisting of 3 Major levels:

  1. The Executive Branch
  2. The Ministry
  3. The Federal Advisory
  4. Parliament

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of 4 People. The Members of the Executive Branch will be listed from Most Powerful to Least.

  1. Vicky151 & julianmxchoppa | The Leaders of the PRR
  2. Leny1135 | The Leader of the RCP
  3. Doc1237 | Supreme Commander of the Siberian Red Army (Innactive)

These 4 people are in-charge of running the main functions of the PRR. These aren't elected officials, however they are chosen by the Leaders often as replacement. The Leaders of the PRR oversee every function and are able to do anything. The Leader of the RCP functions as a Prime Minister, having almost the same powers as the Leaders with the exception of some few powers. The Leader of RCP mostly focuses on domestic affairs, unless permitted to participate in Foreign Affairs by the leaders. The Supreme Commander of the Siberian Red Army (SCSRA) is the Chief Commander of the Siberian Red Army (SRA) and focuses on the Military and Security of the PRR. The SCSRA also is in-charge of setting up Military alliances and is able to create Treaties in occasions of war. The Siberian Red Army (SRA) is not a part of the Siberian Regional Alliance (SRA), but it was an unofficial part of the International Federation of Socialism (IFS) which came to an end in May 2020.

The Ministry

The Ministry of the PRR is made up of 4 people

  1. Minister of Foreign Affairs
  2. Minister of Russian Provinces
  3. Minister of Internal Affairs
  4. Minister of Trade and Economics.

The Ministry is not exactly the most active function in the PRR, as the last election for Ministers was back in August 2020. On February 2021 there was an attempted election, but it was mostly ignored. There is an expected attempt at a third election on May 2021.

The Federal Advisory

The Federal Advisory is an event where the nation leaders and mayors get to vote for big PRR changes to take place. As it currently stands, the Executive Branch post a Bill or a change that they want implemented. Then the members are able to vote for or against it. If the vote or change gets beyond 1/2 of the votes, it passes. If the bill does pass, the law will come to effect in within 24 hours. If the bill does not pass, voters are free to make suggestions to the law in order for it to be re-voted on.

The Parliament


Notable People

Vicky151 - Leader and Founder of the PRS


Vicky151 (Formally knows as Stalin_Union and Lenin_Union) joined the server on April 11th of 2020. He originally had a base with some of his friends in an island called Papa New Guinea, where a town called SwagEmpire took over the island. He met julianmxchoppa at this time. For 3 days he, julianmxchoppa, doc1237, DaSeaLCorey, and more people started planning to make the town of Voliograd, and in the future a nation. On April 13th, they would set way through Siam to the town of Mandrikovo, to the now location of the capital of the CCCP and the PRS.

Interaction with the outside

Vicky151's first contact with the outside world would be when player Matrixy (now known as Milkomeda) would joined the PUSSRS. He never thought it'd be easy for him to gain land in America, but you wish he was right. On May 18th during a round of negotiations between the CE and PUSSRS, Lenin stated that he would never forgive the CE for being mean. This of course was just a first impression, and he later messaged Morgini_ to apologize about his behavior. As julianmxchoppa found new friends, Lenin would also become friends with them, and he would contribute to many projects like Verkhoyansk (Formerly known as City_16 Project), KSS (Kingston Space Station), and of course the expansion of the PRS.


Vicky151, even tho he is not very know, has accomplished many good things through his EMC Career. He

  • Successfully escaped Papa New Guinea from the fury of the long gone SwagEmpire
  • Managed to create many alliances
  • Somefuckinghow making one of the biggest if not the Biggest Supernation to rule Siberia in the first try.

julianmxchoppa - Leader and Founder of the PRS


julianmxchoppa (Formally know as Commander_Skeppy) joined the server on April 11th of 2020.He spawned in Chicago, and immediately started asking how he could go to North Korea. During the process of spamming in chat Pro-Juche propaganda, he found a player in chat that had similar ideas to him. His name was Stalin_Union. Before julianmxchoppa would log off, he contacted Lenin and got his discord. julianmxchoppa went ahead and settled for a little bit on what would soon become Sri_Lanka. On April 12th, he went on a call with Lenin, and together went to the Papa New Guinea, only to be faced by the then-powerful town of SwagEmpire. Luckily, julianmxchoppa survived the purge and hid on the base for the rest of the day making his first diamond enchanted set. On April 13th, the crew had left to Siam, and julianmxchoppa was alone in the island, so he went, but his 2 day old ambition won over his intelligence, and went to North Korea only to get stuck in a 2 block deep hole that looked like a fighting arena. Once he got out, he would join the town of Voliograd like it was originally intended to.

Interaction with the outside

julianmxchoppa's first contact with the outside was when player Matrixy (now known as Milkomeda) contacted him. After a long discussion and even a VC with him, Lenin and Matrixy, her town Porpuris would join the PUSSRS. Unlike Lenin, julianmxchoppa became friends with Morgini_ during negotiations, but it didn't help that Tyce stopped negotiations. RIght after that, julianmxchoppa would go on to become friends with HSHZ, Greven, and soon start many alliances with places he never thought like Quebec, Ishikari, and Pakistan. julianmxchoppa would also participate in many projects like City_16, HSS, and even went and threw fake drop parties or red weddings with his friends.


julianmxchoppa, even tho he isn't wildly known, has also accomplished many great things through his 8 months playing the server like

  • Succesfully escaping the SwagEmpire
  • Managed to create many Alliances
  • Somefuckinghow making one of the biggest if not the biggest supernation to ever rule Siberia.

Leny1135 - Leader of The SCP


Interaction with the outside