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Profile Information
Aliases Kawada the Great
Nation Japan
Town Sendai
Towny Rank Nation Leader
Occupation Emperor of Japan
Political Party
Religion Shinto
Discord KawadaJP#7886
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 19th May, 2019
Place of Spawn Bhutan
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Height ~182cm
Weight ~82kg
Status Information
Status Inactive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Old Japan, Imperial Japan, Ryukyu, Asano, Japanese Empire, Date clan

KawadaJP was a player well known player in Japan and Asia who first joined EarthMC around late May of 2019. He was active during the final era of Old Japan, during the era of Clans and the Third Civil War and finally during the United Japan era in which he became known as Kawada the Great by the Japanese players and community.

Early History

Kawada first spawned in EarthMC in the mountains of Bhutan around late May 2019. Kawada previously played on the server 2B2T so didn't know what to expect when he joined the server, so he quickly made his way towards Coastal China and set up a temporary base in the wild and began mining and gathering tools. Speaking his native tongue he asked often if there was any Japanese playing, but no one answered. For the first month he began getting contact with some friendly Chinese players who agreed to sell Kawada God Armor, Tools and weapons. Kawada started to raid Northern Chinese towns and collected a decent ammount of Gold and set sail to Japan for the first time.

Beginnings in Japan

Kawada first arrived in Japan around the region of Kansai, where his real home town in real life. He noticed Japan did not have many towns yet and began exploring Japan and made a small island in the Sea of Japan, but did not make it a town and it remained in the wild. Kawada in around June visited the town of Kami where he saw Sanss for the first time who was the mayor. Kawada joined Kami for a few days, but actually created another small base in the wild of Japan as he did not speak much English so communication was difficult with the Mayor of Kami.

Yamagata Era

After a few days, Kawada joined the newly made town of Yamagata, with the Mayor being UnkoSamurai. Kawada was given build rights in the town, and quickly began building up the area of Yamagata and began drawing plans for the future of the town. The mayor, Unko, was unable to play often, and said that he was surprised at the speed of the buildings that Kawada had done, and said that he wanted to make a town else where and take his time, and so he gave Mayor to Kawada.

Kawada around this time joined the Japan discord server, and began making contact with various other players in Japan there, and his English started to get better. During this time, Kawada felt that the Japanese Government was not doing enough for Northern Japanese Towns and continued to protest more funding for the area and towns, which sadly never happened. Kawada began becoming close friends with the player Shoyameow who could speak a little Japanese and both did some projects together. However after Emperor Synargle, Kawada did not like the Government ran by Yllalen and thought that the nation could be ran better and decided to move away from Mainland Japan to seek more Freedom. He went to the Amami Islands, Ryukyu. Around this time, the era of the clans begun.

Amami Era

Kawada created the town of Amami and refused to join any Japanese mainland Clans or Nations and wanted complete control over his town. During this time he thought of an idea to liberate all of Mainland Japan under Japanese speaking people and began inviting players he knew in real life. However, eventually he realized this was an impossible task. His next goal was to unite all of the Ryukyu Islands. During this time the North Korean player Ionao helped Kawada out by purchasing items he needed. Often Kawada and Ionao would meet, Kawada would give gold in exchange for God Pickaxes and other tools. This went on until Kawada could afford his own nation, Ryukyu. During this time Kawada had many conflicts with the Japanese Clan, Shimazu who was ran by Baron Sigma. Kawada owning at the time the smallest Clan/Nation in Japan fought a war against Shimazu hunting down many players of the Shimazu clan. Eventually the small conflict ended in a white peace, with no clear victory for either Nihon or Shimazu.

Nihon Era

After Kawada made his first nation on nthe 10th August 2019 he began expanding into the Japanese mainland. Nihon had owned 3 towns in the Japanese main islands but had a lack of players and activity. After the Nihon/Ryukyu vs Shimazu conflict ended, Kawada tried tried to complete some reforms in his small nation to increase activity but it sadly failed. Kawada joined the Confederation of Clans around this time.

Hiroshima and Imperial Japan Era

After a while, Kawada decided to leave Amami and swapped towns with Shoyameow who owned Hiroshima at the time. Kawada was finally back in the Mainland. He joined the nation of "Yakuza" which was later renamed to Imperial Japan. Kawada quickly became friends with players like Alek_B, Snowwy, Fen and many others. Kawada also began his "Hiroshima Mega Project" which was to remove all old Hiroshima buildings and replace with newly built structures by Kawada. This took little less than a month to complete and Hiroshima became arguably one of the nicest towns in Japan.

Third Japanese Civil War Era

Around October 2019 the Third Japanese Civil War begun after the Confederation of Clans was over. Kawada in this era became a ruthless Warrior who hunted all enemies of Imperial Japan, espcially Shimazu clan players. Kawada became a Chancellor in Imperial Japan and worked his way up the ranks, earning respect in the nation. During the Civil War Kawada had been able to convince 5 Shimazu towns to leave Shimazu and join Imperial Japan, which turned the tide of the Civil War. After some time, Alek_b and other Imperial Japanese players had become inactive and the tide of war was slowly ending. During then, Kawada simply wanted to unite the nation and vowed to see it complete no matter what it took. He began trying to fix personal relations with many Shimazu players which had become heated with Kawada, but eventually both sides become somewhat friends. Kawada tried his hardest to speed up the Japanese unification by even construction the United Japan Express ice line between Hiroshima-Oita-Nagasaki-Kagoshima. Kawada tried to make everyone in Japan become more friendly towards eachother in the hope of national reunification. During December 2019 there was many Unification talks between the Japanese clans but none we successful.

Asano Clan Era

On the 1st of January 2020 Kawada created the Japanese clan, Asano. With him joined the towns of Shizouka and Komatsu. A further 2 more Japanese towns would join Asano and then Imperial Japan which was completely inactive. Kawada quickly began building up the nation of Asano and even worked on a large underground shopping centre in Hiroshima. Along with this, Kawada continued his work towards Uniting the nation and vowed to see it through still, no matter how large the hardships. When Synargle returned to Japan, Kawada stated that the only person he would ever follow would be Syn who was a old friend of Kawada and Kawada deeply respected Syn because he warmly welcome him when he first joined the server. Kawada would then go on to sell Asano and Hiroshima to QqL with Kawadas future uncertain.

Sendai and and Reunification Era

Kawada created the town of Sendai and joined Synargles Tokugawa and worked with Syn to unite the country. Sendai began to boom rapidly, quickly becoming the top 5 sized towns in Japan within a week! Kawadas old clan merged with Tokugawa which then became Japan! After this the former clan of Shimazu was then also united with Japan, causing almost complete national unification. Kawada began his huge projects accross Japan, such as building up various towns buildings, building Shrines, buildings roads, fixing Shinkansen ice lines and other projects. Kawada quickly became extremely popular within Japan, for his hardwork and loyalty to the nation. Sendai at this point had 30 Citizens and was the 3rd largest Japanese town and 3rd most citizens town in the nation. He then introduced the Machiya style building to Japanese towns with towns such as Toyama, Hirosaki and then Itomori built them!

Kawada the Great and Prime Minister Kawada Era

With Kawadas popularity becoming massive in Japan, he was voted as the first Prime Minister of United Japan and began fast reforms in the country. Kawada began overseeing huge expansion of the United Japan nation with brand new roads, shinkansen lines, buildings and huge events being held. Kawada built the temporary Sumo Stadium with Syn and held various Sumo Tournaments. Kawada built up the nation and worked closely with Emperor Syn in running the country. Kawada was also an experienced fighter, and always was the first to defend the nation against Chinese Aggressions against Japan and ordered the oragnaising of the Japanese Defense Force. During this time, MrDaneCZE came up with the name, Kawada the Great, which was widely accepted by the Japanese playerbase due to Kawadas hard work in the nation, building 4 huge Japanese towns, building various projects and donating well over 4000 Gold to Japan during his time on EarthMC. Kawadas first hiatus began towards the end of his term as Prime Minister, however that only lasted 10 days and he returned to play EarthMC. Before Kawada left, the Kawada the Great party was held with over 20 People attending and saying goodbye to Kawada, but he came back!

Prince Kawada Era

Once Kawada returned, he quickly went back to working fast and hard for the nation, and sped up the building of Sendai which became very beauitful. Kawada built the Tokyo Friendship Stadium which was the largest Stadium in Japan and held 3 huge Sumo events with over 1000 Gold being given by Kawada to be prizes for the tournaments. Kawada then also built the Japan Museum in Tokyo and donated many artifacts he had collected over his year on the server. Emperor Synargle made Kawada Prince of Japan (2nd Leader in Command) around this time, with Kawada gaining more power than he had expected, but he accepted this role. Kawada around then became the de-facto leader as Emperor Synargle became completely inactive leaving Kawada to lead the nation.

Second Hiatus Era

On the 14th June 2020 Kawada announced he would leave the server, as moving country in real life. There was an emotional farewell party again held, and Kawada hidden 3 chests through Japan with 1,000 Gold in each chest for people to find.

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Kawada's Builds

Sendai Castle

Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Shrine

Machiya Style

IJN Mikasa Battleship

Tokyo Stadium

Japan Museum