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Profile Information
Aliases Julian, Skeppy, Choppa, Commander
Nation Far_East
Town Dunwich
Towny Rank Nation Leader
  • Nation Leader
  • EarthMC Rapper
  • Scammer
Organization People's Republics of Russia
Political Party Siberian Communist Party
Clan Monke Party
Religion Melonism
Spouse(s) money
Discord julianmexicochoppa#7945
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn April 11th 2020
Place of Spawn Chicago, Illinois
Physical Information
Nationality Mexican / Colombian
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Cancer
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Premium
Date of Ban
Nation History


The Beginning

julianmxchoppa (Formally know as Commander_Skeppy) joined the server on April 11th of 2020.He spawned in Chicago, and immediately started asking how he could go to North Korea. During the process of spamming in chat Pro-Juche propaganda, he found a player in chat that had similar ideas to him. His name was Stalin_Union. Before julianmxchoppa would log off, he contacted Lenin and got his discord. julianmxchoppa went ahead and settled for a little bit on what would soon become Sri_Lanka. On April 12th, he went on a call with Lenin, and together went to the Papa New Guinea, only to be faced by the then-powerful town of SwagEmpire. Luckily, julianmxchoppa survived the purge and hid on the base for the rest of the day making his first diamond enchanted set. On April 13th, the crew had left to Siam, and julianmxchoppa was alone in the island, so he went, but his 2 day old ambition won over his intelligence, and went to North Korea only to get stuck in a 2 block deep hole that looked like a fighting arena. Once he got out, he would join the town of Voliograd like it was originally intended to.

Getting Settled

Once he got to his town of Voliograd, Lenin_Union and julianmxchoppa would go along to do massive excavations and to develop the land that they settled in. julianmxchoppa quickly became friends with Amphire, Mocc and Leny1135 during the City_16 project that was being made into what would be then Batagay and Verkhoyansk, now known as USSR. Along the way, he became mortal enemies with SirInfinity (now known as Marangal). While working on the PRS Parliament in n spawn CCCP, he met a Avalon rebel named Matrixy (Now known as Milkomeda). She accused the Canadian Empire of manipulating votes and massive corruption. To julianmxchoppa's knowledge, she was running away from oppression, but instead she was about to win CE Prime Elections, but Tyce and Morgini caught up on her plan to coup the CE. This would mark the beginning of real politics for julianmxchoppa.

Interactions with the outside

On May 15th 2020, Matrixy left Avalon along with the town "Porpuris" with plans to make the nation of UCSP. RIght after that, she contacted julianmxchoppa, and went to the town of Voliograd. There she would start dialog, and it would end up with her joining the PUSSRS (Now known as the PRS). Right after that, most of the CE higher ups went and invaded the UCSP Discord. From there on julianmxchoppa would meet Morgini (which today is really good friends with julianmxchoppa). After negotiations had ended due to Tyce terminating any attempt of negotiation, julianmxchoppa would go quiet for some days before starting a good friendship with player HSHZ. HZ and julianmxchoppa would go on and develop the Kingston Space Agency, with HZ and Phi___ being the engineers of the rocket, and julianmxchoppa being the Rocket Tester which caused his death several times. On June 2nd (i think idk) was the first official Rocket Launch of the Ainkgrad1. Famous player UghOoban (know just Ooban_), DottyDogg, and UghBraces popped up into Kingston to interrupt the launch. It was the first Kingston VS DC Battle, and unfortunately, julianmxchoppa lost his life once again. From there, he would go on to make the now dead food chain of Beef Steakhouse (julianmxchoppa as CEO, Char from Indochina as a Head of the Board of Managers, Speedbird and Dtosic as Managers, ZodiakFlesh as the supplier, and HZ as cashier.) with many new friends. This food-chain would open locations in Siam, Louisiana, Quebec, and more planned locations. (Siam locations still exist, Louisiana location got closed by Zodiak when he ragged about not getting 64 leather daily, Quebec location got turned into julianmxchoppa's Quebec house). From there, julianmxchoppa would go quite for a while, but not in Russia.

The Rise of the PRS

To be added later cuz rn im working on an essay