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People's Republic of Korea (PRK)

Korea unified 3.png
Coat of Arms
Link of Korea.png
  • Korean Controlled Territory

Administrative Map of Korea.PNG

  • Administrative map of Korea (outdated)
National Information
Full Name People's Republic of Korea (PRK) / 조선인민공화국
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 10, all time high 53
Chunks 585, all time high 1087
Capital City Pyongyang
Largest City Pyongyang
Oldest City Pyongyang (might not be accurate)
Government Information
Political System People's Republic

Equalitarist of Korea.png Equalitarist

Economic System Equalitarian Communism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The People's Republic of Korea (formerly Dual Republic of Korea), or PRK was created on 5 May 2020 after the leaders of North_Korea and Korea, Ionao and Nalasleafheart, respectively, agreed to unite their nations. The PRK used be split into two sub-nations, but currently functions like one nation. The PRK was formed after a vote was called to rename the nation and to remove the Red and Blu sides of Korea. The citizens of Korea overwhelmingly voted in support for the change.


First Era: Unification and Consolidation

United Korea formed shortly after the Japanese Invasion of Korea. In this era, Korea prioritized expanding its towns and re-claiming fallen towns for itself. This era was peaceful, and Korea was not heavily involved in any conflicts

First Minister Election

The election started on 25 May and ended on May 30.


Minister of Foreigner's Affair -> nice_pengguin

Minister of Territory -> Rezolent_

Minister of Culture -> Phi___

Minister of Army -> Akscoop

Second Era: Collapse of Blu Korea

Nalasleafheart's Departure

The second era begun when Nalasleafheart, leader of Blu Korea, left Seoul, Korea to join Shimazu.

Rapid decline of Seoul

Shortly after Nalasleafheart left, Seoul rapidly lost almost all of its residents, which significantly impacted Korea's population count. As of 13 August 2020, Seoul has still not recovered due to the inactivity of the mayor of the town and his refusing to answer to the government, the city keep only 2 residents inside and does not develop.

Rezolent_'s departure

After Seoul's decline, the past emperor of (South) Korea and prime minister of Blu Korea, Rezolent_ also left.

Government Reformation

Red Korea was still lead by Ionao, but Blu Korea was lead by no-one and had no clear successor. Ionao started a referendum to disband the Red and Blu sides of Korea and to rename the nation, which both citizens of Red and Blu could vote on. The citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of the referendum and after the voting closed Korea reformed its government. Korea was no longer a Dual Republic.

Korea-Date War

The Korea-Date war began when Date declared war on Korea on 30 July and ended when Korea (conditionally) surrendered to Date on 4 Aug. Date accused Korea of supporting their enemy, Shimazu, and used that as their cases belli. On 30 July, Date and Korea tried to negotiate peace via a peace talk. Both Date and Korean citizens were invited, and the peace talk started when both sides could negotiate. Korea proposed a peace deal first.

Korea's proposed treaty: (might not be accurate)


-remove all diplomatic ties to Shimazu


-non-aggression with Korea

Date rejected Korea's peace deal and proposed a new one.

Date's proposed treaty: (might not be accurate)


-remove all diplomatic ties to Shimazu

-allow Date to build a town in Korea


-non-aggression with Korea

Most of Korea's negotiators rejected the treaty. Korea's objection was that Date's reason for war was to stop Korean involvement in Shimazu. Date said they had more reasons for war.

Date's stated reasons for war:

-Korea is Anti-Japanese

-Korea is part of the Japanese Homeland

-Korea is a close ally of Shimazu

-Date clan needs land for its natural expansion

After Date stated their reasons for war all of Korea's negotiators rejected Date's treaty and left the peace talk.

Korea and Date would go to war.

Battle of Pyongyang


United Nations involvement in Korea-Date war


Second Minister Election

The election started on 24 July and ended on 6 August.


Minister of Territory -> ubadmeme

Minister of Foreigner's affair -> Phi___

Minister of Army -> Akscoop

Minister of Culture -> Computer_x64

Seoul Rebellion

The Seoul Rebellion started on 15 August when the mayor of Seoul, xSxlty, left Korea without notice and accepted the nation invite from Shimazu. Korea's war with Shimazu started on 16 August after a failed attempt to diplomatically resolve the situation, called The Seoul Resolution. The Seoul Resolution failed after Shimazu proposed a treaty to keep Seoul but to promise to not expand into Korea further. Korea rejected Shimazu's proposal and would only accept a proposal if Shimazu would agree give back Seoul. The leader of Shimazu, Qorrin, and the mayor of Seoul, xSxlty, then left the Seoul Resolution and the discussion ended. Korea soon after declared war.

Third Era, The Death Throes

Korea was and still is steadily losing residents with no sign of stopping. On 2 September the mayor of Kapsan and minister of Korea, Phi___, left the nation to be an independent town. Shortly after another minister, and mayor of Daejeon, Akscoop, left the nation. A day later both Phi___ joined Japan, and then on 6 September Akscoop joined as well. Kapsan and Daejeon were now Japanese towns.

Many of Korea's towns fell due to the inactivity of their mayors, and many of Korea's towns lost their residents from inactivity and haven't made up the losses. The fallen town of Wonsan (located where Izumuri is), however, was disbanded by the mayor and minister of Korea, ubadmeme, leaving Korea with only 1 minister left, mayor of Hamhung, Computer_x64.

Before Phi___ left, Korea had 34 residents and 14 towns. As of 29 Sep 2020, it has 10 residents and 7 towns.

In October 2020, Ionao, tired of the Japanese swarm of towns in Korea, decided to move to Antarctica (nation), putting his nation up for sale.

On November 9th, 2020, Yllalen assumed all control of the nation, disbanding the Korean cabinet and forming the Kingdom of Joseon.

This marked the death of the moribund People's Republic.

Government (incomplete)

The PRK used to be split into two sub-nations, Red Korea and Blu Korea (TF2 reference). Currently the PRK functions as one nation, and more closely resembles Red Korea.

People's Republic of Korea


The leader of Korea, Ionao, works with the ministers to make decisions for the nation.

Prime Minister

The prime minister is picked by the leader.

Current Prime Minister:



There are four types of ministers, each with their own role in the nation. Ministers are elected democratically by citizens of the nation every three months. Any citizen can run for any minister position.

Current Ministers:

Towns (7)

  • Hamhung
  • Koksan
  • Pyongyang
  • canti
  • Pyeongchang
  • Gwangju
  • Puryong

Dual Republic of Korea (obsolete)

Red Korea

Red Korea was lead by Ionao. Red Korea administrated the north of Korea.

  • Pyongyang (Capital)
  • Pyeongchang
  • Kanggye
  • <Exodus>
  • Wonsan
  • Kapsan
  • Puryong
  • Vladivostook
  • Jukdo
  • Hamhung

Blu Korea

Blu Korea was lead by Nalasleafheart. Blu Korea administrated the south of Korea

  • Seoul (Capital)
  • Daejeon
  • Gwangju
  • Yeosu
  • Dongshae-si
  • Ulsan


Korean Common Army

The Korean Common Army (KCA) is the official army of Korea. The leader of the army is the current Minister of Cohesion, Computer x64. It is made up of the combined forces of the Red and Blu army.

Buildings (incomplete)

The building of the nation are mainly linked to a traditional Asian and Korean build, mixed for the north of the peninsula by North Korean style building.

Important Buildings

  • Parlement of People's Republic of Korea (Pyongyang)
  • Taegeuk roof (Seoul)
  • Juche tower (Pyongyang)
  • Military Base (Pyongyang)
  • Auditorium (Pyongyang)
  • Korean Subway (Korea)
  • Korean Nether Transit (Korea)
  • Ionao's Statue (Kanggye) (built by the original mayor of Kanggye) (No longer exists, was located in present town Kamabo)
  • Puryong, Town adapted to the coast (Puryong)
  • First Kelp temple (Seoul)

Notable People

  • Ionao (Leader of PRK and Leader of Red Korea during DRK)
  • Nalasleafheart (Old Leader of BLU Korea during DRK)
  • Rezolent_ (Old Prime Minister of BLU Korea during DRK)
  • Nice_Pengguin (Prime Minister of PRK and Prime minister of RED Korea during DRK)


People's Republic of Korea

The PRK follows Equalitarist Communism

Dual Republic of Korea

Red Korea followed Equalitarist Communism who were developed in North Korea.

Blu Korea followed Laissez-faire Capitalism.

Infrastructure (incomplete)

(should list all nether and overworld highways on Korean peninsula, incomplete)




Opinion of other nations (not a comprehensive list)

(as of 16 August 2020)

Ranked from most friendly relation to least friendly relation.

  • Friendly or neutral towards most neighboring nations
  • Neutral towards Daegu (Japan owned town in Korea)
  • Hatred toward Japan towns in Korea.
  • Hostile towards Shimazu.
  • Hatred toward Japan.

Conflicts and wars

(also includes shared relations/conflicts/wars between North Korea and Old Korea)


  • 1 May - 5 May - Japan acquires Daegu, causing a conflict between Japan's side and on North Korea and Korea's side. Conflict ends with an expansion treaty with Japan.
  • 6 May - 7 July - Supports Kampuchea. Siam, Vietnam, Britain, and Japan at war with Kampuchea and therefore are in conflict with Korea. Kampuchea disbands and all its former towns join Indochina (formerly Siam and Vietnam). Korea no longer in conflict.
  • 15 August - 16 August - Seoul leaves Korea and accepts nation invite from Shimazu. Mayor of Seoul, xSxlty, refuses all communication with Korea. Conflict escalated into a war.


  • 30 July - 4 Aug - Korea-Date War. Date declares war on Korea. Date says the cause for war is that Korea supports their enemy, Shimazu. As of 7 Aug, Date and Korea are negotiating a peace deal.
  • 16 August - Present - Seoul Rebellion. Korea declares war on Shimazu. Korea says Shimazu took Seoul from them and uses that as their reason for war. (casus belli might not be accurate)