Battle of Gdańsk

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Template:Battle templateIt began with a Polish attack on the German Empire (Just normal day in Poland and German Empire), with Polish soldiers attacking the town of Kamp_Lintfort. However, messages asking for relief went sent out over the German Empire's discord, where Chris82404 took up the cause and messaged Britain for reinforcements to fend off the attackers. MineHero43 and Warriorrr arrived at Neu_Berlin to meet up with Chris82404 and headed off to relive the siege. When the Poles saw the incoming relief force, they retreated to Gdańsk, where the combined German and British troops chased them and bloody combat began at the walls. However, more soldiers began to arrive at the battle to assist either side, including the likes of the great King Alex of Norway, and the legendary warriors Skaterrr and Snowyy_b. THe battle continued on, with the German-aligned forces overtaking the Polish defenders, resulting in cannons being used to fire upon the Polish walls (With little affect, due to explosions being turned off). Polish forces began to leave the server due to their inability to push back the besiegers, and ultimately the battle ended with Alex challenging Snowyy_b to a duel. Snowyy_b accepted the challenge, and the two dueled in front of a crowd of many spectators. Finally, after minutes of one-on-one combat, Alex emerged the victory, thus securing total victory for the Relief force-turn coalition in the battle, as the last Polish defender online was killed in a fair fight.

  • Note: Chris82404 been the first casualty in the battle, but due to the proximity of his town to the siege (Less than 10 chunks away), he decided to being doing suicide charges, either in iron armor or without gear just using TNT to distract and annoy the enemy forces, and thus making up a majority of the casualties. The actual number of individual casualties on the coalition forces is at most 2, with , while the total number of deaths including suicide attacks had been about 13.

Important deaths (people with god gear)

Polish side:

- RaddiPL fell into the hole

- Snowyy_b died at duel with Norway leader

German Empire, Britain side:

- Chris82404 died with god gear near Brodnica after 3 minutes of battle with leader of Poland

- Lucled blown up by Snowyy_b