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The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian: Republika Bosna i Hercegovina / Република Босна и Херцеговина) is a country in Southern Europe, within the Balkan Peninsula. Real_Sarajevo is the capital, Mostar is the largest city.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is an almost landlocked country – it has a narrow coast at the Adriatic Sea, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) long surrounding the town of Neum. It is bordered by Croatia to the north, west and south; Serbiato the east; and Montenegro to the southeast. In the central and eastern interior of the country the geography is mountainous, in the northwest it is moderately hilly, and the northeast is predominantly flatland. The inland, Bosnia, is a geographically larger region and has a moderate continental climate, with hot summers and cold and snowy winters. The southern tip, Herzegovina, has a Mediterranean climate and plain topography.


Bosnia was purchased in April 2019 from Hampusk8 by Gabrilov. The town was then instantly given to Abdulah_Skaka who was later given title President and Gabrilov Vice President. Some time later Byzantium declared war on it for making a nation in their territory.

Bosnia started "Operation Storm" where they have made 2 cities in the Greek region. During "Operation Storm" The Bosnian state established towns in the Mediterrainian such as Chios. Bosnia had also aquired Athens with Silver_ as the leader and later Daviq. During Bosnias peak they held many cities in Roman territory such as Sofiya, Athens, Chios, Bosnian Venice and manymore.

After a lot of months of sucessfull campaigns against Byzantium the decay began. The military leader of Bosnia and mayor of Athens, Daviq + Burekovic (another bosnian mayor) found a duplication glitch. These two duplicated gold and gave it to the bosnian gouvernment and said they had mined it to them. This in the end resultet in them getting banned from EarthMC permanently including a few gouverment officals such as Gabrilov (who was later unbanned).


In late April of 2020 Almost all the big Bosnian cities such as Athens, Mostar and manymore had fallen into ruins due to the fact that the mayors were banned. This led to the only towns left being the Capital and a few minor towns. The leader eventually surrendered Bosnia and let it fall into ruins. The nation was then automatically handed to leokwan05 who would be the last leader as the nation fell soon after into ruins. The nations previous area was annexed by Byzantium and has been ruling since then.