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​​​​​The State of Jefferson is a proud nation located in Northwest America. It hosts a booming economy, active citizenry, and established diplomatic relations with many nations in the area.



The State of Jefferson was founded in February of 2020 when the political issues in Cascadia caused the Lakeview's natives to believe that their values would be better represented by their own government. For a brief period, the town of Lakeview existed as an independent town, sacrificing travel mobility for governmental independence. During this period BigChungaBunga, SirClarke, and CaptnClutch7810 (now Clutch7810) mined and established gold stores to fund the founding of The State of Jefferson. 

Rapid Expansion

From February through Mid-April, the state of Jefferson entered a period of rapid expansion. The capitol quintupled in size, the nation added 6 new towns and grew in members from 3 to over 50 residents.

Sunset Confederacy

In February 2020, due to harassment by several nations in the area, a proposal was made to form a defensive alliance within nations on the west coast. After considerable discussion, the nations of Jefferson, Haida, RoughandReady, Salish, California, and North California elected to form the Sunset Confederacy. Their mission was to promote unity throughout the west through defensive force and diplomacy. Originally, it was thought the Pacific Republic would soon be part of the Sunset Confederacy. However, they decided to abstain from membership. Later on, Glacier Bay joined the Sunset Confederacy.

Rio Grande - Sunset Confederacy War

Soon after the Sunset Confederacy was formed it declared war on the nations in the Rio Grande. Jefferson warriors were involved in all the key battles including the Battle for Parliament in Salish, the Battle for LA in California, and the Battle for Barren in Jefferson. As one of the most active nations in the Sunset Confederacy, a Jefferson military has been formed and has taken defensive actions against the Rio aggressors. The war ended in a Rio Grande victory, though no territory was lost. Jefferson and RoughandReady left soon after the end of the war, and the Sunset Confederacy was abolished.


In mid-April, due to growing similarities between the two nations, RoughandReady and Jefferson decided to unite under the Jefferson banner. Jefferson welcomed the leaders and citizens of RoughandReady as equals and friends under our shared political system and set of values.


In August of 2020, CaptnClutch7180 bought the Oregon nation spawn from Timeline_YT. He then sold it to Struggles 2020, who positioned the Oregon spawn south of Klamath and joined Jefferson as a vassal. Since that time, Oregon has fallen and been re-founded. Its capitol is the town of Weed.

Rejoining Cascadia

For a short period in August and early September Jefferson rejoined Cascadia in an effort to unite the west into one mega-nation. After considerable effort on the part of both Jefferson and Cascadia, California under the leadership of Gawker decided to pull their support for the proposed mega nation, the West Coast Alliance. As a result, on the fourth of September, Jefferson voted to leave Cascadia because of a difference in culture and ideological values.

Government Change

In Mid-October the senate of Jefferson voted to devote power to a council of five active players, thereafter referred to as "The Council of Five." (Later changed to the Redwood Council, and finally the Jefferson Council)

This council is responsible for all decisions made in Jefferson. They are elected by popular vote each month to the following positions:

Commander (non-elected)

Vice Commander

Head Diplomat

Head Developer


Head Recruiter (Added in early 2021, in the Redwood Republic)

Head of Community (Added Fall 2021, in the Redwood Republic)

Head of Religion (Added Summer 2021, in the Redwood Republic)

*Head of Commerce (Added Summer 2021, in the Redwood Republic, now retired)*


After several border disputes in the month of October, the nation of Utah elected to join the State of Jefferson.

Joining the USA

On Oct 31, 2020 the State of Jefferson elected to join the United States of America as a State. During its time in the USA, Jefferson often comprised the largest state in the union and influenced elections heavily. Although a president was never elected from Jefferson in the USA, Jefferson was very involved in the first USA-Trimortum war and other political events in the USA. Several members of the Council of Five were present at key events such as battles in the USA-Trimortum War, November and December Presidential Debates, and the 11/8 bombing of New Jersey.

USA-Trimortum War

On the first of November, 2020, an alliance consisting of Illinois, Quebec, Lacusmagnia and others known as Trimortum declared war on the United States of America for a border dispute surrounding the newly made nation of Maine. Following this declaration, several battles ensued that Jefferson was involved in. Despite having friends on the opposite side of the war, the Jefferson military showed up to battles on the side of the USA when called upon for assistance. Jefferson also provided the USA army with god armor and potions. Around 11/20/2020, Clutch7810 brokered a peace deal between the current president of the USA and the relevant leaders in Trimortum together and authored a border map that both parties agreed to.

Formation of the NAP

After the end of the USA-Trimortum war, many of the large alliances in North American united to form a continent-wide alliance. The idea was to form a sort of summit to prevent aggressions over borders from taking hold as they did during the war that had recently ended between the USA and Trimortum. Initially, Jefferson was part of the pact when the United States of America joined upon the pact's formation on 11/23/2020. Other notable unions in the pact were the Pacific Partnership, Gulf Coast Alliance, and Trimortum.

The formation of the NAP incurred significant backlash from nations such as Empire_State and New York who were not members. Eventually, the USA elected to leave the NAP because of the current president was excluded from formal talks. NAP leaders at the time alleged that Bleeblob, the current president of the USA, was assisting rebel nations and lying to them. This lead to the USA being excommunicated from the NAP on 01/17/2021, and kicked from the NAP on the 01/20/2021.

Leaving the USA

On the twentieth of January 2021, Jefferson decided to leave the United States of America. The Council of Five cited the following reasons for leaving the United States of America:

1. The unbridled expansion of the USA has put them in a similar position to previous unions/alliances where some nations are not asking "what they can do for the alliance" but instead "what the alliance can do for them."

2. The continued breaking of border agreements. In Jefferson we believe if you agree to a border agreement, you should honor it.

3. The recent turbulence and public sentiment towards the NAP has pushed the USA towards leaving the NAP. This action would hurt the union.

4. The possibility of another USA-Trimortum war, fueled by the issues above, is against all of our interests. We refuse to fight our friends in Illinois again.

Upon leaving, Jefferson called for a reformation of the USA and a change in culture. The Head Diplomat at the time, NoneAvailable, stated:

"Jefferson calls for a reformation of the USA. The border violations, decisive political atmosphere, and unbridled expansions are issues that Jefferson leaders will no longer solve on your behalf. The continued work by Jefferson leaders to solve borders in east (and then those same eastern nations breaking those borders) is unacceptable behavior we will not tolerate.

We hope that the USA sees this as a wake up call. In a union, your actions affect more than just yourself or your nation, because your represent all the nations in the union. Jefferson may rejoin in the future, should the USA address the issues above. However, this decision was not one that was rash, and not one that is unfounded. In the future, we hope to continue our friendship with all those in the USA that we call brothers. We support you in all your endeavors and hope that the USA makes the changes it needs to."

Forming the Redwood Republic

On the 22nd of January, Jefferson and California merged governments to create the Redwood Republic. Although the nations of California and Jefferson always held similar values, the leadership in California had never been amenable to a merged state before this point. After the old authoritarian leader Gawker was banned on 09/04/2020 and EnglishFrog became leader, the nations grew closer from that point on.

The Redwood Republic was run by a council of leaders hailing from Jefferson and California's respective governments known as the Redwood Council. Both Jefferson and California would supply five leaders each to sit on the council to vote and make decision for their respective nations. Over the time this union existed, the Redwood Republic joined the NAP and the Pacific Pact (formerly the Pacific Partnership), declared and won a war against South California, and expanded its borders.


Around the same time as the Redwood Republic's formation, the nations in the North America Pact declared war on the United States of America. Given Jefferson's recent disassociation with the United States of America, the Redwood Republic declared its formal neutrality in the war. Despite being formally neutral and participating in none of the battles, the war was often considered to be a conflict for the Redwood Republic because of their influence in the NAP at the time. On the first of June, the NAP declared victory over the United States and the conflict formally ended from Jefferson's point of view.

Change over time

During the Redwood Republic's existence, many nations were added to Jefferson and California. South Utah (now Deseret), Nevada, Arizona, and Baja all joined during this time period.

During the time from March to September the government changed in the Redwood Republic. Leaders in California recognized that activity in Jefferson was growing. As a result, many towns in California such as San Francisco and Los Angeles joined the Jefferson nation in game to take advantage of claim bonuses and premium coloring. The leaders in California expressed interest in being part of an Oligarchic government, like the government in the Redwood Republic, as opposed to a more authoritarian regime as California had employed in the past. Eventually, the Redwood Council was remolded into an Oligarchic system of elected roles by citizens of California and Jefferson alike. By September, both California and Jefferson conducted diplomacy, war, and building through the same set of principles and active leaders.

Dissolution of the Redwood Republic Change in Leadership

On the 5th of October, 2021, the Redwood Council voted on a motion to rebrand the Redwood Republic under the banner of the State of Jefferson proposed by the leaders of California. This motion would retire the Redwood Republic name, change the Redwood Council to the Jefferson Council, and remove a layer of confusion and bureaucracy from the current government. The towns and nations of Jefferson and California were so intertwined that having a mega-nation inside of a mega-nation was seen as impractical by both the Jefferson and Californian leaders on the Redwood Council.

The motion passed with the Redwood Council voting 5 in favor, 2 opposed.

Leaving the Pacific Pact

On the 9th of October, 2021, Jefferson elected to leave the Pacific Pact. The majority of the Jefferson Council based this decision on a need to form independent diplomatic relationships that suited the needs of the State of Jefferson. Currently, the State of Jefferson does not belong to any mega-alliance.

Change in Leadership & Government

On the 11th of November, Jefferson's Council voted to reform their Oligarchal Republic into a Constitutional Monarchy. Commander Clutch announced that effective immediately that The State of Jefferson is to reform from an Oligarchic Republic to a Constitutional Monarchy and with that he'd be stepping down from his leadership role and making long time member NoneAvailable the first King of Jefferson. Clutch7810 was the first prince of Jefferson with the Jefferson Council operating in a similar capacity to a traditional parliament.