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Sad_poo's skin

The Sad_poo poll controversy took place in early April 2021, with him posting a poll that several politicians thought was similar to previous polls and not being within the role of Minister of Imperial Affairs. This was met with initial backlash from gorkymoo1119 and Mengan_, asking what relevance it had to his job. Without an initial response, until an argument occurred within the government on the 7th April 2021.


Visit main article: April 2021 Nubia elections

Sad_poo had been elected in the April 2021 elections to the newly created position of Minister of Imperial Affairs in an extremely close election that did not match the predictions for the position. This would create a reaction of concern by some, including gorkymoo1119 and Mengan_ who had both been re-elected, due to Sad_poo's recent inactivity.


The poll would feature 7 questions, which were:

  • What is you in game name?
  • What is your discord tag?
  • What do you think Nubia as a nation is doing well in?
  • What do you think Nubia should work on?
  • What do you believe is the cause of the problems In Nubia are?
  • Depending on your answer above how do you think we can fix this problem?
  • (For mayors) Do you believe your town is being well funded?

The poll would be on a Google Form and announced in the Nubian discord, with a message about it reading:

"Greetings Nubia,

Attached is a pole for you the citizens to put in your thoughts as far as the state of Nubia. Please take time to fill out the following form. Your voice matters, make it heard.

[Poll content]

-Sad_Poo Minister of Imperial Affairs"

Investigation into content

Gorkymoo1119 would discuss the poll with Mengan_, asking if she recognised the poll from elsewhere. She would respond with yes, and gorkymoo1119 would ask Thee_Boss, who also confirmed his suspicions.

With this, gorkymoo1119 would look into every poll he could from the Nubian discord announcement channel within the last several months. He wouldn't be able to access around 4 polls, thus leading to suspicion that the content may have been taken from there. He would ask several former Ministers if they recognised it, with all but one confirming that they thought they had seen it prior.

Question about relevance

Soon after noticing the poll, gorkymoo1119 would ask in private government discord channels 'i don't see what the poll has to do with ia?'. This would not be met with a response until the next day, with Sad_poo responding by saying that he thought it was the job of the position. After this, a slow argument would take place from the 4th April 2021 until the 7th April 2021 about the relevance, with a proper discussion taking place after this.

7th April 2021 discussions

3 days after the poll was published, gorkymoo1119 and Sad_poo, with occasional comments from others, would discuss the contents and relevance of the poll, with gorkymoo1119 suggesting this was a clear example of Sad_poo lacking the skills required for the job. After a few hour discussion, gorkymoo1119 would say that he believed this was evidence that shouldn't be expected of a Minister.