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Suur-Huittinen was founded in 14.11.2019 by Jessez_FIN, JIVEX21 And WC_PAPERI78 it joined Greater Finland after a few days.


The town was founded in same place as the old town of Kerimäki. The first building that was constructed was the town storage which got replaced by the current town storage. The statue of freedom is located where the old storage building was.


Statue of Freedom, Farmitorni, Länsitorni, Kaupungintalo, Kaupunginvarasto, Kauppakeskus Hullumies. the buildings are constructed by Rakennusliike Kaikkimeneepaskaks RY.

Notable People

  • Mayor Jessez_FIN
  • WC_Paperi78
  • JIVEX21


The town consists of the neighborhoods of Vanhakaupunki, Keskusta and Rytinkaupunki.

Destroyed Buildings

Kulta-Areena (9.12.2019), Säästömarket 15.12.2019), Vanha kaupunginvarasto, Keritorni (20.12.2019),


Suur-Huittinen has a metro station which is connected to the Finnish metro network it has lines going to every major Finnish city, Suur-Huittinen only has 1 road which goes to Kekkoslinna through the Etelätunneli (South Tunnel)