West Russian Empire

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February 26, 2022

West Russia.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem «Preobrazhensky March»
Motto Боже, храни царя!
Population 253
Chunks 2744
Capital City Izhevsk
Largest City Izhevsk
Oldest City Izhevsk
Government Information
Political System Government monarchy.png Parliamentary monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The West Russian Empire is an autonomous sub-meganation located in modern western Russia, being a part of Russian Empire. The main nation was established on 17th June 2021 and it consists of eleven nations: West_Russia, Greater_Russia,East_Russia, South_Russia, Khabarovsk, Kievan Rus, Nenets, North Yakutia, Astrakhan, Russian State and a middle eastern colony Pakistan


West Russian Empire is specifically located in modern Russian Komi Republic and has more than 50 cities, with capital being in center of nation. Territory it controls are hilly dense spruce forests.


West Russian government is a parliamentary monarchy of Emperor Le_Bebra and Prince Felixxy1 although they both can be considered leaders of meganation. Parliament of West Russia consists of selected members, President which is being elected each some regular time and Ministers of: Transport and Construction, Foreign Affairs, Propaganda and Defence. They are tasked with their custom jobs.


June 2021

Backbone of West Russian Empire was Duchy of Izhevsk established back on 17th June 2021 by Le_Stalin. It started to expand throughout the time and it acquired few colonies and provinces. At their very beginning, Izhevsk was nation being in Golden Federation, but in July they left it and declared war to it.

July 2021

In the beginning of July 2021, Russian emperor Limkid began to negotiate with Duchy of Izhevsk about joining Russian Empire. Both sides agreed and Izhevsk became a colony state of Russian Empire. They were dependent on Russia for two months. Leaders were granted Grand Knyazs role and they entered Imperial Assembly. After that, South Russia has joined West Russia as a province.

August 2021

Duchy of Izhevsk and Arkhangelsk successfully unified into one nation. The Russian Emperor Limkid has bought South Russia from Duchy of Izhevsk and South Russia ceases to be a province of Duchy of Izhevsk. In middle of August 2021 the nation had name issues and after being renamed by moderation, they picked new name of Pechora and then West_Russia. First presidential elections occurred with following results: two candidates had nearly same voting result, however, spookyscarytwink had a little more votes and won elections.

September 2021

First President of West Russia resigned because of life issues. One month later, second elections were launched in which Otto_von_Bismar won and became 2nd President.

October 2021

On October 21, 2021, West Russian Empire declared independence from Russian Empire but still were as autonomous part of Russia meganation as other major parts, like Russia itself.

November 2021

Otto_von_Bismar won his second term. This election was last one as the referendum decided about cancelling elections in West Russia. It was due to so-called 'cJ0_o incident' in which an elected president tried to scam West Russia, but failed and left the empire. Malawi which left Tanzanian Empire due to scams and harming their citizens, was later puppeted by West Russia. A week later, Otto_von_Bismar left West_Russia and made his own nation, Greater_Russia which later joined the meganation.

December 2021

North_Ontario joined West Russian Empire as an American colony. This brought Russia meganation as a whole the first possibility to have colonial ambitions - only West Russia had colonized two continents in whole Russia. In 13 December 9 NA nations has sent an ultimatum to Philippines and West Russia, after that North Ontario has left West Russian Empire.At 29 December West Russian Empire left the Internationale (communist alliance) due the inactivity of the alliance and became fully capitalist. After the attacks on the meganation, West Russian Empire declared war on True Russia again.

January 2022

Town mayor Atenshi_ left West_Russia and created his own nation, East_Russia which later joined the meganation. Due the inactivity of Malawi leader, Malawi has disbanded. At 22 Jan. 2022, South Russia and Pakistan joined the meganation. 2 days after it Khabarovsk joined the meganation too.

February 2022

After Felixxy1 buying Kievan Rus from Estonian Empire, Kievan Rus has joined the meganation. 1 days after Nenets has been founded and joined the meganation.