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1stop Inc. is a chain of convenience stores that was founded in Salt Lake City, Basin, with a corporate office in South Lake Union, Basin. It was founded on the 20th of August, 2023, by Li77L3.

Following his return to the EarthMC server, contrary to pursuing a political position like he had once held as a Minister to Indochina in Terra Nova, Li77L3 had decided to take a more entrepreneurial approach with Terra Aurora. After bouncing around a couple towns, he finally decided to settle in the Democratic Union of Basin, where he immediately established his business, 1stop Inc., a convenience store chain with an aim to provide the North American continent with easy access to common products that fulfill a customers convenient needs. The first location was constructed in Salt Lake City and the corporate office in South Lake Union.

1stop CEO and Founder, Li77L3, standing in front of the construction sight of the first 1stop store in Salt Lake City, Basin.

Stores & Locations

Location of the 1stop Inc. Corporate Office
Outside view of the 1stop Inc. Corporate Office Building

1stop stores can be found in various towns on the North American Continent. They can be easily identified by their iconic red and white signage with the number '1' on it that is typically attached to the building. Below is a list of all 1stop store locations:

(UC) = Under Construction

Store # City Coordinates
1stop #001 (UC) Salt Lake City, Basin -20957, -7828
1stop #002 (UC) South Lake Union, Basin -21065, -7678