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This article is about the company. For its philosophy, see Joke.

5Drink Inc. was a company in Newark and New York City specializes in potions and real estate. 5Drink has branched out to many different servers but is most prominent on EarthMC. Since the server doesn't have a brewing plugin the company entered the potion market. The company was founded by OrangeJuiceMoose on Nerdcraft on an unknown date. It has merged with Zodiac to become Suncor.


The company's headquarters
Store Name Town Note
5Drink Bar, Grill & Store New York City

At /n spawn New_York.

5Drink Bar & Grill Newark HQ of 5Drink.
Moosters Norfolk Closed down.


Product Note
Brownstone houses Soon to be built.
Haste potions Mine faster.
Speed potions Move faster.
Strength potions Deal more damage.
Under water breathing potions Breathe water.
Regeneration potions Regenerate health.