Alanian Africa (Classic)

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Alanian Africa is a group of Alanian Colonies in Africa, including: Alanian Zambia, Alanian Tanzania-Kenya, and Alanian Oubangui-Chari. This unifies the African colonies into one centralized control.


Alanian Zambia was the first colony claimed by Alania and was at once a bustling hub of activity, however once the people who lived there left, the colony went to an inactive state with only the cows and sheep, how it remains today.

Alanian Tanzania-Kenya was the 5th colony claimed by Alania and it was once considered that Alania should move there. Many buildings were built in anticipation of this move, but that never happened. After a long spell of few people living there, finally grew when 2 old-time Alanian citizens moved there and started massive construction projects.

Alanian Oubangui-Chari was the 21st colony claimed by Alania and never developed fully due to access to outposts being restricted soon after claiming it.