Alanian Sabah (Classic)

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This Colony has also been known as North Borneo and Kudat.Template:Infobox Colony


North Borneo-Kudat, the second Alania colony, is located in North Borneo. After the Zambian Era of Alania MrBoJanges87 moved there with his friend StrangeRythem. Also another active person named BoatingCanine moved there too, and the Colony became very active. After a while BoatingCanine became inactive and MrBoJanges and StrangeRythem moved to Tanzania, leaving the outpost empty and quiet.

The after a period of inactivity in the outpost in late March 2018 there was an attempt to rebuild and revamp the outpost, making it suitable for future habitation. Then on March 31 2018 NSaurio and PolkadotBlueBear came to an agreement over Palawan.

Sabah is the main Alanian colony in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region and the Sultan of Sabah oversees both the Commissariat of Rangoon and the Pacific & Antarctic Protectorate.