Alanian Tanzania-Kenya (Classic)

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This Alanian Colony has also been called Tanzania, then Kenya-Kilimanjaro, then its present name, Tanzania-Kenya.


Template:Infobox ColonyTanzania was founded by Alania on the East African coast. PolkadotBlueBear first claimed a small patch of land next to some abandoned buildings and built the Colonial Office. Later that day PolkadotBlueBear was informed that dawings1 was planning on making his town their and he built the buildings that PolkadotBlueBear mistook for abandoned. dawings1 though allowed Alania to stay and relocated his town to Avalon on Lake Victoria.

However, there was a shortage of people who wished to move to any Alanian colonies, and those who did were inactive. At this time PolkadotBlueBear even thought about moving Alania to Tanzania and keeping Alania as an outpost. However that was never carried out. But PolkadotBlueBear undertook the building of the Tanzanian Fortress, the East African and India Development Bank, and other buildings at this time in expectation that Alania may move to Tanzania.

Later ll_MrTwister_ll joined Alania and chose to live in Tanzania, making him one of the few ever-active people to settle there. However he left just after completing his house and made his own town in Russia called Scionne.

Tanzania was then expanded even more, becoming the second most important colony in Alania. Then MrBoJangles and StrangeRythem moved from Alanian Sabah and rebuilt extensively, bringing new prosperity.


East African Railways

The East African Railways is headquartered in Tanzania at the Mombasa Terminus. This rail line plans on linking Alanian Zambia with Alanian Tanzania