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Algiers Flag EMC.jpg
Town Information
Full Name Algiers
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 3 (16/3/24)
Area 82 chunks
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion Golden sun.jpg Order of the Golden Sun
Government Information
Mayor Bluewhalergamer
Political System
Historical Information
Established 28th August 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors



Algiers was founded on the 28th August 2022 by Khanthesun. Algiers is a part of The Most Serene Republic of Genoa, and it is located south-west of the capital, on the northern african coast.

New Leadership

On the 11th March 2024, Bluewhalergamer was made the Mayor, and then Councillor rango_jet came over from Como, where him and Bluewhalergamer had previously founded and lead.

Renovation Period

This period was when abandoned buildings were torn down to create Algiers' Temple of the Golden Sun, the bank was completed and new residents had begun moving in.


Algiers is on the northern coast of Africa, meaning that there is some small savanna biome, and then large expanses of desert to the south. The terrain is fairly flat due to the coastal nature of the area, however there are some small hills around the area - most of which were flattened by ex-mayors.


Bank of Algiers

The first project that Bluewhalergamer and rango_jet undertook was the Bank of Algiers, which they started construction on the building on 12th March 2024. It is located outside the current spawnpoint of Algiers and takes up an area of 32x32 blocks, or 4x4 chunks.

Temple of the Golden Sun

As Algiers is a part of The Most Serene Republic of Genoa, it follows the religion known as The Order of the Golden Sun, a temple was begun construction on 6th April 2024 and finished 10th April 2024. It is located behind spawn, and it is 18x32 blocks, covering 6 different chunks, and has a larger garden surrounding it.

Notable People

There are a few notable people within Algiers, they are:

  • Podestà Bluewhalergamer di Spinola - Current Mayor of Algiers
  • rango_jet di Spinola - Councillor of Algiers