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Antarctica is located in the South Pole of the terrestrial globe.


Antartica is a polar region around the Earth's South Pole. Antarctica is a place of extremes. It is the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth, just 0.4% of the surface of Antarctica is free of snow and ice.


The Government is controlled by Vienski.

Architectural Wonders


Francies Praedo | Battlecruiser

Aircraft Carrier | In Construction



Vienski and Yan fled from Brasilia after a big idea of YanSTS to form Antarctica and inhabit the continent. Antarctica was founded in 27/12/18

Firsts Steps

Vienski and Yan arrived in Antarctic founding the first town named Antarctic, but the real idea was to make a nation, in that same day the Nation Antarctic was founded and the Town was named Atlas in tribute to the giant path navigated by Vienski and Yan

TBC or The Big Change

No materials could be found in the Antarctic, Vienski brought saplings and dirt to make the basic cultivation in the Town, after working hard Yan made the First base in Atlas (Atlas Embassy and Storage today) Vienski cultivated wood and wheat, TBC was done when some friends (Temmiiie, Serpious and THDalle) moved to the town and finally founded Antarctic changing a lot in appearance and efficiency, Plantations was made, The Atlas store was made, The Bank was made, The Embassy was made and B-76 Battlecruiser was made, Atlas went from a small town to a paradise in Antarctica, Alliances with Britain, Muscovy, Micronesia, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Solomon Empire, South Africa, New Guinea and Switzerland were signed, then Ilumi (Obi wan kenobi) come to help Antarctic, Ilumi is a awesome builder and with Yan they made almost all constructions in the Capital

Conflicts and Wars

KTM Issue

KTM or Kill The Mayor was an attempted murder in Vienski and Notable People in the Atlas, on 27/12/18 an assassination attempt was made on Antarctic Capital, 3 Assassins used potions of invisibility and strength to try to assassinate Vienski, they tried to distract the soldiers with snowballs then began the attack, one of the assassins was trapped in the boat and killed there, after it the assassins fled the city. Until today they do not know the origin or reason of the attack.

Notable People

Vienski - Supreme Leader

YanSTS - General and Builder

Temmiiie - Alquimist and Miner

Serpious - Enginner

Giribola - Miner

Obi_W4n_Kenobi - Builder

Taz26 - Farmer, Owner of the Seed Bank Vault