Attacks of Welthauptstadtt (Classic)

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Attacks of Welthauptstadtt

On November 26th 2017 JakeyFFA along with DirtChest9000 and ProVegas created a town called Welthauptstadtt, 6 chunks east of WitherTopia. JakeyFFA and DirtChest9000 were previously in WitherTopia and according to JakeyFFA the reason that they put the town so close was "I made it near the town to show thanks for letting me get on my feet there and now maker is mad." After Kedude (The Leader of WitherTopia) got on he found out the town existed and got mad him and a few others came in and attacked the place killing ProVegas and JakeyFFA multiple times. Soon, the Welthauptstadttans ravaged the landscape around WitherTopia. Peace talks were made, and Welthauptstadtt moved to Polis, with WitherTopia planning to use the base as a museum, and monument the traps.