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Town Information
Full Name
Nation Flag of Greece.png Greece
Population 22
Area 297 chunks
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor RollinsReborn.png Rollins
Political System
Historical Information
Established May 5th, 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Athens is the current capital of Greece as of December, 2023. Athens has been Greece's capital since its founding on the 5th of May, 2022.


Origins and Early Days

Athens was founded on the 3rd of May 2022, by Rollins. At its founding, the town's original name was Delphi, and was one of three core towns made at Greece's beginning. Each of these three towns was made by one of Greece's three founding players: Rollins, Ju2nananas and Alzxdnr. On the 5th of May, the nation of Greece was created and Delphi was assigned as the nation's capital. Alzxdnr's original town was named Athens, however after Alzxdnr was banned and his town was deleted, Delphi took up the name of Athens.

Byzantium War and Claim Disputes

On the 24th of July, Greece declared war with the newly formed rogue nation Byzantium. Byzantium's formation, made by former Greek mayors whose towns split from the nation, split Greece's main land causing many land disputes across the two nations. Athens was central to these conflicts, as the capital, and was greatly affected, with Byzantium towns bordering the capital on four fronts. Over the coming months Athens would reclaim much of Greece's mainland, extending out onto the west coast of Greece and into the western parts of the Peloponnese, and eventually into the north. By December 2023, Athens had become Greece's largest town and amassed almost 500 chunks of land.


The Parthenon

The Parthenon is Athens' largest built project, consisting of a 15 chunk area (3x5) and standing at 32 blocks tall. It was completed in June of 2022, with the inside later transformed into Athens' PVP arena. The Parthenon is Greece's main monument, reflecting the strong culture that is present in the nation.

2022 Christmas Event Winners

In December of 2022, Aurora's first EMC event was announced: the Christmas Spawn Building Competition. The competition called for nations to decorate their spawns to celebrate the festive period, with a special prize to be won by the competition winners. Athens was entered as Greece's spawn, with their spawn being overhauled for the Christmas period during December. During the month, a team led by Rollins undertook the building of the Christmas spawn, with a 50 chunk decorative build in the town's centre.

On the 25th of December 2022, Greece was announced as the Winners of the Christmas Spawn Building Competition by WTDPuddles, with a total of 156/160 Points received by the event's four judges. The nation received a 1 of 1 exclusive prize head for its first place finish, commemorating the amount of effort and work put into the spawn. This item has been documented in Contraband (see Christmas Doge).