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Atlanta Seal


Atlanta is the capital city of the United States and a metropolitan city that is especially friendly to new players. All residents have the opportunity to have a vote on laws and decisions if they rank up to become a member of the House of Representatives. The city Mayor is RobotGamer__ alongside Co-Mayor Bliksemman.


Early History

Town Creation

Atlanta was founded by RobotGamer__ on May 3, 2022 just 2 days after the early access release of Terra Aurora. Some early residents include Bliksemman, gebalat and MartialFelix.

The town joined the nation of Louisiana, which later became known as the United States.

Early Plans (May 2022)

RobotGamer__ originally planned to create the Kingdom of America which would have a Constitutional Monarchy, with him as King. In the early access days, there were discussions between RobotGamer__ and karatoss (the leader of Louisiana) over the potential of creating a Kingdom of America, which Louisiana would merge into. These plans never came to fruition, and the idea for a Kingdom of America was swiftly dropped after seeing the many nations being created across North America.

As a result, RobotGamer__ began to focus on creating something more realistic: the Kingdom of Georgia. The claims of which would be based around the real life State of Georgia. A government for the nation has been fully established, with an entrenched Constitution that emphasises the superiority of the Senate in having the ability to amend the Constitution without the need for the King's approval. The Senate is to be made up of all Mayors of the nation, and vote on all laws and major decisions made. Progress towards forming the nation has been slow, but picked up dramatically towards the end of 2022.

Mid History


After a short period of inactivity from RobotGamer__, lasting about 2 weeks, he decided to return and put a lot of energy into getting the town back on its feet again. Bliksemman proved to be a loyal resident who stuck around during this period of inactivity, and remained enthusiastic about helping out in the town. As a result, RobotGamer__ appointed Bliksemman to the position of Co-Mayor, and he has proven a fantastic active Co-Mayor helping with town projects and recruitment.

Rapid Recruitment

Mayor of Atlanta, RobotGamer__, began recruiting heavily in November, 2022. Town activity prior to November had been very poor, so RobotGamer__ decided to get more active and ramp up recruitment. Between November 17, 2022 and December 27, 2022 he managed to recruit over 60 new residents. This made Atlanta one of the largest towns in the continent.

Reformation of the United States

Atlanta proved a loyal member of the United States nation (previously named Louisiana), and when US leadership became inactive, RobotGamer__ spent two months negotiating to attempt to become the new nation leader. While RobotGamer__ was unsucceful in taking leadership, they did come to an agreement in the form of the Reformation of the United States Treaty which agreed that the nation would rename back to Louisiana, allowing RobotGamer__ to create a new United States nation. To this date, the United States has proven to be one of the most democratic nations in Aurora - having the most laws than any other nation. Atlanta has always been one of the largest in North America, and currently stands near the 100 resident mark.

Recent History

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Atlanta resident, MakRouss, Atlanta rapidly increased its population during the summer of 2023. During this period Atlanta became the largest town in Aurora, reaching over 300 residents. Emperor and Mayor RobotGamer__ recognises MakRouss for his part in recruitment and awarded him the Medal of Freedom. He was also given a special mention during a speech given by the Emperor at the event celebrating Atlanta's 300 residents.

However, on the 26th November 2023 things took a turn for the worse when it came to MakRouss. Emperor RobotGamer__ announced the following on the U.S. discord: "I have something to announce to you all today that I feel you deserve to know. One of this empire's heroes, someone I have admired ever since he joined Atlanta, has committed heinous, despicable and wicked acts that cannot go unpunished. He has stooped to a low that I did not think was even possible. A former resident of Atlanta, and someone who just 10 days ago I awarded the rank of @✨Legend✨ to for his previous dedication to recruitment has committed an act of treason against the United States Empire. That man is MakRouss. MakRouss left Atlanta over a month ago to make his own town in South America, but ever since he has been targeting Atlanta in an attempt to steal our residents. While this frustrated me I still respected Mak for everything he did for Atlanta, I have even gone on record saying he was the best resident I have ever had in my 6+ years of playing EarthMC. On 24th November 2023, to my complete shock, Atlanta came under attack - we were griefed in 6 separate plots. The Great Atlanta Wall had been completely destroyed in these plots. It was to my suprise that the perpertrator of this grief was MakRouss. He was the only one trusted in these plots, and he has openly admitted his guilt to me via DMs. He claims he was paid by oIsar, leader of fake US, to grief us. Mak has proceeded to be incredibly rude, insulting and toxic to Atlantan residents. While me and Mak have not seen eye to eye since he left in October, I still respected him dearly for his service to the empire. But what he has become is unforgivable. We have been betrayed. So, with the power vested in me by the Constitution of the United States Empire, I hereby convict MakRouss of committing Treason and sentence him to death. I hereby issue a fine of 35,000 gold to MakRouss that he is required to pay to absolve him from his crimes."

A day later, RobotGamer__ had an update to give to the U.S. regarding MakRouss: "After inspecting the scenes of the grief, moderator fabinostalgia, has determined MakRouss and Elefftherios as the perpetrators of the grief. Elefftherios was found placing a Swastika outside the perimeter of Atlanta... It is clear these people lack any morality. We do not condone Nazism in the United States Empire, so anyone associated with MakRouss and Elefftherios will be permanently banned from this discord server."


Statue of Emperor RobotGamer__

Located at the town spawn is the Statue of President RobotGamer__, the second statue to be built in Atlanta.

Statue of President RobotGamer__, town spawn (Atlanta).

The Great RobotGamer__ Temple

Great Temple entire view.

The Great Temple is the certified tallest building in all of Terra Aurora, standing at exactly 246 blocks tall, and reaching the 319 height limit. The exterior of the Great Temple took 4 days to complete, with the interior taking over 3 months. It was entirely built by RobotGamer__.

Great Temple diagonal view (Atlanta).
Great Temple in July 14, 2022 (Atlanta).

The Throne of Emperor RobotGamer__

Located in the Great Temple is the throne of the President of the United States.

Throne room of the President located in the Great Temple (Atlanta).

The Senate Chamber

Located in the Great Temple beneath the throne of the President, is the Senate Chamber where all Senate sessions are held. Members of the House of Representatives are seated to the right, with Senators seated to the left. In the centre the President is seated, alongside the Vice-President.

Senate Chamber located in the Great Temple (Atlanta).

The Atlanta High Court

Located in Southern area of Atlanta is the Atlanta High Court, where all United States court sessions are held. The building was completed on the 6th January 2023.

Atlanta High Court located at the south side of the city (Atlanta).
Inside the Atlanta High Court (Atlanta).

The Church of the Holy Robot

Located in Atlanta is the Church of the Holy Robot that was the first four chunks of the town. This was the original town homeblock and town centre, with the old throne room located within. Beneath it remains a giant quarrey, where the stone for the Great Temple was acquired. On June 14, 2022 the building won the best build tournament ran by EnzoLaPicole for the nation Louisiana.

Church of the Holy Robot, old town centre with throne room (Atlanta).
Old throne room, located in the Church of the Holy Robot (Atlanta).

Notable People

  • Mayor RobotGamer__
  • Co-Mayor Bliksemman
  • Archbishop firemaster451