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Berlin is a town located in eastern Germany. It is the largest town in Central Europe and as of September 2023, the most developed town. It forms as the hub of the local ice highway network and helped remove any reactionary Germany's that may have popped up in the area. The town is dictated by "The Cabal" which is a group of shadowy individuals who govern Germany from the Rotes Rathaus.

Berlin State Flag.png
Town Information
Full Name City of Central Berlin
Nation Germany
Population 25
Area 940 chunks
Coordinates [2425,-9736 ]
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German
Official Religion None
Government Information
Mayor Masrain
Political System
Historical Information
Established 1 May 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


Early Berlin

Early Berlin was founded on May 1st 2022 on the first day of Aurora. All of the early nation members of France and Germany started and gathered resources here. The majority of Gold was provided by Fruitloopins who constantly grinded for gold. Once the nation of Germany was completed (and France and the town Paris). There was a rush to claim as much chunks as possible. Fruitloopins and Basically_Andrew with help from Masrain quickly got gold and claimed to max claims (with Fritzstick recruiting). Berlin was the first max claimed town on Terra Aurora it reached max claims on the 28th of May 2022.

Masrain's house and the Reichstag (including plaza) were built in this time. There were other builds made by random Residents given plots, but only one of them survives today (Slum Survivor).

Basically_Andrew told Warriorrr to commit suicide "as a joke" and once his chances of being mod were ruined, he left the server for good.

Rapid Construction

After items, kits and the like were collected, Masrain began a campaign to build Berlin to be "a proper European city" with plans to cover every section of the relatively flat portions of Berlin. Masrain in this time also constructed the majority of the ice roads in Germany, with connections to Austria, Norway, France and Poland. It was around this time that Fruitloopins gave leadership over the town and Germany to Masrain. Fruitloopins then gained the city of Prague, which was rolled back to be a nature sanctuary in Europe (there was controversy over the town's ownership due to Kiddeyy scamming it off of the Austrians). Masrain became Helper then eventually Mod in this time.

Berlin Metro Area

Berlin is such a large town in a very populated place, that its periphery extends into other towns. These towns include:

  • Berlin
  • Landonburg
  • Saxony
  • Brandenburg
  • Prague (depends on definition)
  • Wroclaw

Berlin Metro Area.PNG

Due to it's size, eventually the Berlin metro area may grow to encompass:

  • Mecklenburg
  • Bayren
  • Sczecin
  • Leipzig
  • Zielna Gora
  • Copenhagen (and beyond)
  • Leszno
  • Hannover

If for example the peripheries of Berlin expand out into its surroundings, the town may from a part of a Greater Northern European Metropolitan Area (GNEMA) which would extend from Amsterdam to Warsaw.

Notable Players

  1. Fruitloopins
  2. Masrain
  3. Basically_Andrew
  4. Fritzstick
  5. PyroAlBlaze
  6. Leny2
  7. Turquoise_Nomad
  8. AD31
  9. Megaboy23
  10. Tamar__


Public Buildings


The Reichstag was deigned by Fruitloopins and built by both Fruitloopins and Basically_Andrew. This is where the n spawn and all n spawn shops reside.


Berliner Fernsehturm

This is the tallest building in Berlin (Third in Berlin Metro) and is based off of it's real life counterpart in Alexanderplatz It will one day hold an art gallery on the bottom. it has a restaurant and viewing platform at the top floors.

Berlin fehrnstrum.PNG

Berliner Dom

This building is the main cathedral of Berlin. It has a stunning interior and one of EMC's largest domes. It will be refurbished to add extra detail and a more pronounced dome in the future.

Berliner dom.PNG

Berlin Stadium

This is Germany's stadium and Europe's largest stadium. It is ready to host future EMC Football matches, but has not been used as a location as of yet. It is accessible by Ice highway.

Berlin Stadium.PNG

Brandenburg Gate

This is Berlin's main attraction in real life and has been upscaled in Minecraft to get the proper detail. There is a park in front of the gate so you can view it properly from the ground.

Brandenburg Gate.PNG

Rotes Rathaus

This building is a large brick and granite building that houses the Cabal room, it can be used as either a museum or administrative palace. It hosts a very large clocktower and is the favourite of the Berliners in EMC.

Rottes Rathaus.PNG

Bahn Building

This tower was loosely based off of the Bahn Building in Potsdamerplatz Berlin. It is currently the second tallest building in Berlin (fourth in metro area).

Bahn Building.PNG

BMW Headquarters

This building is a large office building that currently houses the BMW F1 team lead by Schxck_. It hosts an impressive inner foyer that extends to the top of the building.

BMW headquarters.PNG

Xanareth Theatre

This theatre was based loosely off of a Hermitcraft build of similar function. The theatre was named after Xanareth (now banned player) because he was scammed immensely by Fruitloopins. You can view the full interior of this building in your own time.

Xanareth Theatre.PNG

Nomad_Sky Hall

This building was made to compliment the end of the Brandenburg gate park. It has two large floors best suited to ballroom dancing. It was named after Nomad_Sky because he too was scammed immensely by Fruitloopins.

Nomad Sky Hall.PNG

Stadium Precinct

This park is based off of more post modern parks, and is mainly a creation of Masrain.

Stadium precinct.PNG

Der Strasse Hotel and Restaurant

This Hotel and Restaurant boast's an interior and a famous bartender, Notch himself (he hates minorities).

Der Strasse Hotel and Restaurant.PNG

PVP Arena

This building was made to be a PVP arena since Berlin at the time did not possess one. Since the Stadium was created, its purpose is largely obsolete, so this building may be redeveloped in future.

Berlin Arena.PNG

Berlin Locomotive Works

This building is where Masrain like's to spend his time, and put his train references. There are two locomotives in the sheds and three in the outside yard.

Berlin Locomotive Works.PNG

Statue of Karl Marx

This statue was built as there is a real life counterpart. The statue build was made for another server now defunct on request of Marxist Leninists.

Marx Statue.PNG

BKA Headquarters

This building was designed to house the BKA and actually consists of two buildings connected by a bridge over the Elbe river.

BKA headquarters.PNG

Botanical Gardens

This building boasts a very large courtyard that does not actually have a garden in it yet. It is planned for the future.

Botanical Gardens.PNG

Watermelon Campus

These two buildings were designed in reference to modern University campus buildings. Fun fact the red building was designed after Masrain had a dream of stacking watermelon's on top of each other, hence the name.

Watermelon Campus.PNG

Grocery Store

This building was designed on the outside by Masrain and had it's interior done by Leny2. It has freezer aisles, trolleys and even a bee hive floor.

Berlin Grocery Store.PNG

Kaiser Wilhelm Dom

This church was based loosely on the ruins of the real Kaiser Wilhelm Dom near the Zoologischer Garten. It has a starry roof.

Kaiser Wilhelm Dom.PNG

Police Station

This Police station's exterior was based off of one in Nova Berlin and the interior was designed by Leny2. There are three other buildings with the same exterior.

Berlin Police.PNG

Schonfeld Headhouse

This ice highway station house boasts a small coffee shop next to the station entrance.

SC Headhouse.PNG


This building is a fully furnished hospital and serves as one of the only ones on EMC.


Schonfeld Restaurant

This Restaurant was designed on the outside by Masrain and has an interior made by Leny2. It boasts a restaurant, a kitchen and aesthetic apartments.

Schonfeld Restaurant.PNG

Unfinished Department Store

This department store had it's interior designed by Masrain and Leny2 began the interior. It is still unfinished.

Unfinished Department Store.PNG

Raffesisen Bank

This bank boasts a vault and a large waiting room.

Raffsein Bank.PNG


Berlin Embassies

These 5 story granite townhouses are Berlin's main embassies, all but two are sold and they go for 50g each. It hosts some nice interiors and has fully customizable interiors.

Berlin Embassies.PNG

Masrain's Mansion

This building was created to house all the needs of Masrain and includes luxurious Quartz lined interiors and a beautiful courtyard.

Masrain Mansion.PNG

SiGoMi House

This house was built by SiGoMi to match it's surrounds. SiGoMi no longer lives there (42 day wipe) and now Tio lives there in his stead.

SiGoMi House.PNG

Chummy House

This building was built for a prominent Former Berliner and recruiter when their original home was bulldozed as part of slum clearances.

Chummy house.PNG

Pinklady's Embassy

This house was designed to be an embassy and then bought by Pinklady for 25g (discount).

Pinklady's Embassy.PNG

Blue House

This embassy is named for it's striking blue interior. Currently Zhizhuxia owns this building.

Blue House.PNG

Sandy Corner

This home has great views of the Brandenburg gate and is currently owned by xiaoA233.

Sandy Corner.PNG

Noteblock Corner

This building is named after the noteblocks used in its construction. It was inspired by pictures of old Berlin. It is for sale for 50g.

Note corner.PNG

Rollin's Clock

This building is named after it's owner and the large clock tower on it's roof.

Rollins Clock.PNG

Spree Houses

These two houses were made to fill in the space between the river and the road. They are reserved for possible future use by Saxony.

Berlin Spree houses.PNG

Slum Survivor

This home was originally built in the Slum area (where residents could build) and was deemed okay to be moved to the edge of town.

Slum Survivor.PNG

Bourke Stone

This building was based off of a building on Bourke Street in Melbourne.

Bourke stone.PNG

Heidelberg Brick

This building was based off of the limited street view available in Heidelberg Germany.

Brick heidelberg.PNG

Londoner's Shop

This embassy was based off of a London store.

Londoner House.PNG

Finlander House

This house was based off of a house seen in Finland. There is a red and green version.

Red Finland.PNG

Inner Embassies

These sandstone buildings were designed to be embassies.

Inner Embassies.PNG

Outer Embassies

These buildings were designed to be embassies.

Outer Embassies.PNG

Public Housing

Berlin boasts a large stock of comfortable public housing options with nice interiors.

First Estate

The first estate is the main Public housing area for residents. Most of the people relocated after the slum clearance lived here.

Public Housing 1.PNG

Lucy Street Development

On Lucy street, there are approximately 14 colourful rowhouses that residents can choose to live in.

Lucy street development.PNG

Brutalist Homes

These buildings are the only free standing homes residents can choose from. They are built in the brutalist style.

Brutalist homes.PNG

Ice Highway Stations

Berlin has 3 ice Highway lines and 5 stations (1 extra planned) currently it only operates the Ringbahn which connects to the greater network at the main station.

Main Station

The main Berlin station has attracted the awe of visitors and travellers alike for its beauty and opulence. It was the first thing Masrain designed for Berlin. It carries the intercity line and the Ringbahn and in future the Landonbahn.

Berlin main station.PNG

Lucy Street Station

Lucy street station is by far the most austere design on the network that reflects some other austere designs in the German network as a whole. It only carries the Ringbahn.

Lucy Street Station.PNG

Stadium Station

This station is the station that opens up closest to the Berlin Stadium. It was designed with some Washington metro stations in mine. It carries the Ringbahn and in Future the Landonbahn.

Stadium Station.PNG

Schonfeld Station

This station was designed off of the stations seen in berlin itself. It carries the Ringbahn and in future will carry the Sachsenbahn.

Schonfeld Station.PNG

Rosenthaler Strasse

Rosenthaler Strasse station was based off of a Hamburg U-Bahn station that has a very 70s aesthetic. It carries the Ringbahn and in future will carry the Sachsenbahn.

Rosenthaler Strasse.PNG


Berlin has a small host of trams mostly based off of what moved in Berlin over the years.


Lucy is a tram that is based off of non articulated trams from the 1920s.

Lucy Tram.PNG

Tatra KTD4

This tram was built by the CKD in the Czech republic and was used in East Berlin.

Tatra KTD4.PNG

Flexcity Tram

This tram was built by Bombradier specially for Berlin and is the mainstay of Berlin Trams today.

Flexcity Tram.PNG


Berlin has the most trains in the server, with 5 locomotives and 1 whole train (5 steam and 1 Diesel).

PRR T1 4444

This Steam Train in the 1930s would reach well over 100mph and was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad as a 4-4-4-4 configuration in the Altoona works.

PRR T1 4444.PNG

The Seeker

This train was based off of a British Pacific engine (notably the Typhoon). It is a 4-6-2 configuration.

462 Seeker Pacific.PNG


This train was designed off of the Eureka and is a Baldwin class 8/18 C 4-4-0.

440 Eureka.PNG

4-6-4 Baltic

This locomotive was the first one built by Masrain and wasn't designed off of anything particular.

464 Diesel.PNG

DB Express

This train was loosely designed off of a DB express train from the 40s. It is a 4-10-2 and hauls 4 carriages, one economy car, one sleeper car, one dining car and one lounge caboose.

DB Express.PNG

Sweden Diesel

This diesel locomotive was based off of modern American freight locomotives and given "Sweden" colours.

Sweden Diesel.PNG