Aurora:Castle Aldointh

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Castle Aldointh
Town Information
Full Name
Nation New Arctic Flag.png Arctic
Population Greenarrow.png 4
Area Greenarrow.png 16 chunks
Coordinates -3500, -14500
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language Ukflag.png English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Bodofogg.png bodofogg
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Castle Aldointh is the capital of the Aldointh Family, a royal family, which owns islands in Greenland.


The Aldointh Family bought the island on 8th January 2022 and called it Castle Aldointh. On the same day, they have begun the construction of Castle Aldointh, so they removed all the snow, which was on the island, the same for the trees, and brought materials for the construction. A few days later, the island was visited by the owner of Daneborg Island, Castle Aldointh's neighbor.


  • The Castle Aldointh has been planned by the youngest member of our royal family.
  • Our first town, was created on an island.
  • The Aldointh Family has its own crown, and many other valuable items.

Honorary People:

  • noob64 - Stranger, who donated gold to the family, without any big reason.

Aldointh Family Members

  • Bodofogg.png bodofogg - The oldest member of the Aldointh Family, and the current owner of the crown.
  • File:------.png ------- - The youngest member of the Aldointh Family, and the second to take the crown.
  • Oritasen .png oritasen_ The second member of the Aldointh Family, and the third to take the crown.