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Cherokee flag.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name The Cherokee Realm
Towny Name Cherokee
/n list #6
Formed Unknown
National Anthem
Motto Growing is the future, and the future starts with you!
Population 64
Chunks 185
Towns 3
Capital City Hillsborough
Largest City Hillsborough
Oldest City Caicos
Region USA
Language(s) English
Religion(s) Diverse
Government Information
Political System
Nugget Ltown777
Chancellor Bulgyfish7
Chancellor qvzbx
Chancellor 28st
Economic System Gold
Provinces 0
Army Size 2
Part of
Historical Information



Why was Cherokee formed? 

Cherokee was formed because the US lost oIsar and we wanted to control our own nation and have full control over everything and not have to deal with other nations rules/enemy's and wanted a fresh start.

Early History 


The Original Capital was Caicos. Not much info is known about Caicos history or the nations previous history.


Cherokee's government is mostly just Ltown777 doing whatever he would like with asking questions from the members to make sure they are okay with it.


Cherokee is not a fighting nation. We are peaceful and will not begin combat or wars. We however have a small military of 2 people in case of hunters and to help other towns with hunters.


Most building styles are big city and oak wood and classic looking. Some towns opted for a island theme tho.

Notable People

  • Ltown777: Nation and capital owner.
  • bulgyfish7: Paid for Cherokee and is co-owner of it.
  • qvzbx: Chancellor Has helped greatly in town and building.