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Colombia Flag.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Colombia
Towny Name Federation of Colombia (in-game)
/n list #10
Formed Nov 8 2022
National Anthem
Motto Libertad y Orden
Population 28
Chunks 478
Towns 7
Capital City Buenaventura
Largest City Buenaventura
Oldest City Buenaventura
Region South America
Language(s) English
Religion(s) N/A
Government Information
Political System
Legislature King and Chancellor
Economic System
Army Size
Part of Cuba
Historical Information

Colombia is a nation in Terra Aurora


Founded on Nov 8 2022, lying on the west coast of South America, its location is very strategic. Like with any nation, neither making it nor maintaining it was easy: Everytime All the time new problems would arise, and it'd be OUR duty to fix those. Whether it be claimblocks, threats, scams, new towns, funding etc. we always had to solve it.


  • King Glitch_here
  • Chancellor Veyronity

Notable People

  • glitch_here
  • Veyronity

Future Plans

-Making a new Nation spawn Shop, with everything you can imagine, that is an item on EarthMC of course, so no elytras (sorry xD) -Reaching 1,000 Chunks Total.