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Fanagoria flag.png
Town Information
Full Name
Area 127 chunks
Continent Asia
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor GEGE123
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Fanagoria was created by GEGE123 on the 5 may 2023.



after Gege finally got 64 gold from voting he went to find an location for his town.When he found one he created Fanagoria on the Caspian canal mainly due to him wanting to start an farm on the canal.

Early history

at the start it was mainly cutting down the near by trees for wood and space for building in the future when he claimed the chunk but on one sad day while he peacefully cutting down an tree Gege was killed with his 20g and mending pickaxe by an random player this did not stop him he made on farm on the Caspian canal in order to gain food until Thebarbarian777 offered him to join Colchis Gege due to needing to teleport to other nation to buy tools and gear so he accepted the offer.

Colchis era

after joining Colchis Gege asked Thebarbarian777 does he have sugarcane?. which after that Thebarbarian777 gave it to him.Gege started to expand and to claim chunks near by and build him self an house.Then after this his friend Damyan123 joined the town so he build an house for him too but one of the most important players for fanagoria joined Bobby07NY.With all these new residents he could claim more chunks and so he did.After a while gege felt that colchis was becoming inactive so after an offer of callsighnsaxon to join the don host the accepted it

Don host period

When they joined the don host mainly gege and bobby started building shops none of them really had any success overall.


this was an time where nothing really happened it was just joining voting and leaving mainly caused due to Bobby07NY leaving the town and with that taking his 70g.Not that the gold was important it was more of moral defeat

The return

This as an period where the town started getting back on it's feet after and after a big mining session gege created Great Bulgaria

Recent history

Recently Fanagoria had an population boom from 6 residents to 40 in less than 2 weeks.

Notable People




here is an map of fanagoria

Map of fanagoria.jpg


Great Bulgaria National Stadium

Great Bulgaria National Stadium.png


most of fanagoria's gold came from mining and selling items to shops and to players.M4GM4 played an important role in fanagoria's economy at it's the start

City Subdivisions

The northern part is for shops and the southern one is for houses


Fanagoria had it's fair share of hunters the biggest one was 32dalek who kiled gege at least 4 times but the main was when ynothelgend was going to declare war due to hating s4turnam who was in the town back then.