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Far East
Flag Regional Self Defence Soviet Of Far East.png
Coat of Arms
F.E.F Coat of arms.png
National Information
Full Name Far Eastern Federation (F.E.F)
Towny Name Far_East
/n list
Formed 21.10.2023
National Anthem Warszawianka (Whirlwinds of Danger)
Motto Shattered freedom is worse than poison!
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 4 (13/5/2024)
Chunks 311
Towns 2
Capital City Sibir_Commune
Largest City
Oldest City
Region Asia
Government Information
Political System Sabotabby Symbol.png Anarcho-Syndicalism
Leader Federal Syndicate of the Far East
Economic System 1200px-Hammer and sickle red on transparent.svg.png Communism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Established 21.10.2023

The Far Eastern Federation also known as simply Far East, is an anarchist, specifically anarcho-syndicalist territory located in the Far Eastern part of Russia. It is part of the Red Black International [RBI] alliance along with Ronne and Aragon.


Early History 

Shortly after Sibir_Commune was kicked from Korea, Mo11y__ and Noe11e__ started mining for gold to found an independent federation, CoconutJuiceOwO provided a big donation of 512 gold and on the same day the nation was founded.

After being founded the Far Eastern Federation joined the RBI alliance.

Wither Rose Border Clash 

Wither Rose Memorial in Sibir Commune

18th - 20th November 2023

The town of Zeya was founded on the 18th to claimblock Sibir Commune. On the same day Far East and Korea worked together to kill the mayor of Zeya using a wither rose, until he died on the 20th November. After this loss he unclaimed and deleted Zeya which is now Sibir Commune territory.

This victory was greatly celebrated through a firework display organised by Nidomas of Korea on the same day, with many players from Far East, Korea and the USSR joining in to celebrate Sibir's victory over imperialist agression.

Today there is a memorial statue to commemorate the nation's victory over Zeya in the Far Eastern capital which includes two books giving a short overview of the micro conflict.


The government of the Far Eastern Federation functions through anarcho-syndicalist direct democracy. Every resident is allowed to hold an assembly poll to vote on issues such as laws, wars, election or recalling of delegates and more. Calling an assembly poll entails a discussion period of the issue at hand where people who oppose it can add their opinions to the issue and synthesise it with the proposed policy.

The people of the F.E.F. have a right to run as delegates for the Federal Syndicate which represents the nation, the delegates of the Federal Syndicate can be recalled at any time by the residents through popular vote.


Anybody who wants to fight for our cause is part of the defense council. The defense council is used to defend from agressors.


Far East has a diverse range of building styles, ranging from traditional East Asian to European, Soviet and American.

Notable People

Special thanks:

  • PluckyHer0 - for supporting our town regularly through resources and building
  • CoconutJuiceOwO - for a big donation of 512 gold
  • NixWolvercraft - for supporting our town through building materials
  • Nation of Trans-Siberia - for steady support of our town and cause
  • Ronne Free Territory - for inspiring us to create our nation and town / steady support of our town and cause
  • All present and future residents of Sibir_Commune and other Far East towns - for having fun together on this silly minecraft server!