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Fenrir was created on July 4th, 2022 by Kroeguld, It is the 1st largest town in nation of Iberia, located on northwest of Spain, the town is mainly grinding and building and the name come from Norse Mythology Wolf.

The town offers free plots, food, and starter resources. Fenrir is open to everyone, the town status is open and anyone can join it using /t join Fenrir.

Fenrir Growing

Kroeguld already knew what he wanted to, he left the town and created new town and started building the giant castle and invited many peoples. He joined the nation Iberia on 28 July, he started mining to get many golds to expends a lot, Fenrir was almost got landlocked by 2 small claimblock towns but fortunately the moderator removed them on 9 August and was able expend even more and got 75 residents but the hype didn't last long...

Mayor got Banned

After he finished building a huge church on 14 August everyone was so happy but just by tomorrow he suddenly got banned at 15 August on 9:45 pm UTC+0! It took us few hours to realise that he is actually got banned. He instead letting us know and say something, he deleted his Fenrir discord server and blocked peoples and left us alone. Turn out he got banned because of flying hack from the cave, he was using fly to find golds faster. The town became lawless and people with trusted started griefing and stealing all stuff on every single chests especially Amune and left the town while the remain just quit playing or left the town, all councillors has already quit playing in like 1 week after Kroeguld was banned.

Trying to Revive the Town

Ushkaa is the only councillor that is very active and he was only the hope to able revive the town, during the chaos he was on the holiday, when he joined back 1 week later, he just saw everything was destroyed with no one play anymore! So he talked with mods about rollback stolen items on chest and removing Kroeguld so he could become mayor earlier but mods couldn't do anything about it, ticket closed. He decided to try save the town by rebuilding the grief and stay active enough, he has to wait 42 days to reclaim town back, Ouched rooted Ushkaa to become the next mayor on 27 September.

Whole Month of Dead Town (25 Aug - 27 Sep)

He has created the new Fenrir discord to keep connected with everyone but unfortunately barely people join, so a few weeks later trying to make people play but due to having limited permission and it seemed not working, so he ended up lost motivation and got bored in the town and became inactive, only come to just vote while waiting to become mayor.

  • By 15 August there were 81 Residents, as of 27 September there are only 9 Residents!


Unfortunately Ushkaa is unable to revive Fenrir because the town was never same anymore and he never feel satisfied to live in the town so 2 months later he ended up give away to someone and joined to Burgos.

Notable Landmarks

  • Fenrir Castle located in middle of Fenrir, build by Kroeguld
  • Church located in south of Fenrir, build by Kroeguld
  • Port located in north of Fenrir, build by Spoon2501