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The Indian Empire, (also called Maurya or simply India) is a nation encompassing most of the Indian Subcontinent, and the Tibetan plateau The nation was announced on April 22nd, 2022 by VarJuice and created by Ghostyuu on May 4th.

Coat of Arms
India Claims.png
National Information
Full Name Empire of India
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 195
Capital City Delhi
Largest City Islamabad
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System unitary semi-constitutional monarchy
Economic System state capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information


(WIP) The Discord was created after extensive planning by those pledged to the planned nation on the 22nd of April. The first towns were Islamabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka and Kathmandu. These towns were created hours after Terra Aurora was first opened, and were also some of the first towns to be made on the server. The nation would continue to expand across the Indian subcontinent with the establishment of many new towns. On the 4th of June, the nation of Himalayas would be founded by TheRealGardenHose, the unification of Himalayas and India would mark the official creation of the Indian meganation, also known as Maurya or simply the Indian Empire.

Politics and government

Indian Politics are tightly controlled by the Grand Vizier (head of government) and the Emperor/Raja (head of state). These two political figures can appoint and dismiss ministers at any point but most create a new set of ministers every month.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the supreme leader of the Indian Empire.
Number Picture Name Term Appointed By
1 Ghostyuu May 1st 2022 - Current Ghostyuu

Grand Vizier

The Grand Vizier is the prime minister and head of government of the Indian Empire.
Number Picture Name Term Appointed By
1 Pirate_Ron June 25th 2022 - Current Ghostyuu

Minister of Infrastructure

The Minister of Infrastructure is in charge of public infrastructure in the Indian Empire
Number Picture Name Term Appointed By
1 Radio_activ June 8th 2022 - July 4th Ghostyuu
2 Ilikegoldanduck July 4th - Current Election

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is in charge of the nation's foreign relations and diplomacy
Number Picture Name Term Appointed By
1 ACSK3 June 8th 2022 - Current Ghostyuu

Minister of Culture

Number Picture Name Term Appointed by
1 Teleband July 4th 2022 - Current Election

Minister of Defense

Number Picture Name Term Appointed by
1 Ghostyuu June 8th - July 4th Ghostyuu
2 Detect1ve July 4th - Current Election


Current diplomatic relations of India
Nation Relationship Status Notes and Information
Himalayas Subject Member of the Mauryan Empire
Indochina Allies Member of the Sydney Accords
Babylon Allies Member of the Sydney Accords
Australia and Ethiopia Allies Member of the Sydney Accords
Philippines Allies Member of the Sydney Accords
Carthage Allies Member of the Sydney Accords
Niagara Positive Leadership is well respected in the

Indian community

Britain Neutral No formal diplomatic relations between

the British Empire and the Indian Empire

Franco-Germany Neutral No formal diplomatic relations

between Franco-Germany

and the Indian Empire

California Negative Leadership is despised by most of

the Indian community

East India Company Enemies Classified as an insurgency group

by the Indian government. East India

has been known to plan towns

in India and attack citizens

Towns and Population Centers

Current list of towns in Core India,

Town Mayor Population Size Founded
Delhi Ghostyuu 10 85 May 2nd
Islamabad Pirate_Ron 115 101 May 1st
Kathmandu Reverse_Sant4 2 24 May 2nd
Mumbai ACSK3 5 33 May 1st
Dhaka EvBeverage 1 11 May 2nd
Kabul LiterallyADonut 1 3 May 2nd
Chennai Shootcity 1 3 May 8th
Ahmedabad Radio_activ 2 16 May 13th
Jamnagar Teleband 2 24 May 14th
Karachi JCSL 1 3 May 22nd
New_Dhaka AntiGravity9338 1 14 May 24th
Jodhpur MouldyBaguette 9 52 May 25th
Darkpoint mcquickz 1 9 May 30th
Dinglenuts Gehbuscus 2 4 June 4th
Purî ElBqn 6 18 June 5th
Bosnia Hoixer 3 2 June 5th
Vasco_da_Gama Samosaurus13579 1 26 june 6th
Nanded ilikegoldanduck 1 8 June 9th
Land_of_Lush doGePirate 3 1 June 10th
Amritsar Astorian6400 5 25 june 10th
Multan I_KA3AK_I 1 3 June 17th
Hyderabad Vvk2008 1 6 June 19th
Jammu SeaPea127 1 12 June 19th
Andhra Gabster_____ 5 33 June 25th
Central_India TheRedFalcon17 1 2 June 28th