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Isaac Hills is a town on Terra Aurora setted near Dvinskaya bay of White sea.

Isaac Hills
Isaac Hills Flag.png
Town Information
Full Name
Nation Russian Dominion Flag.jpg Russian Dominion
Population 2
Area 131 chunks
Coordinates 7324, -12077
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language Ukflag.png English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor logistic5721
Political System
Historical Information
Established 13 may 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


Early days

Isaac Hills was established on May 13, 2023 by TheBRL2501, however first buildings arised there as eary as 10th of may.

Town flag, a tricolor representing colors of a sunrise was intodused the next day.

JqnXD of Calradia became the first visitor of Isaac Hills.

Russian Dominion

On 16th of may Isaac Hills joined the Russian Dominion.

June 4 incident

On 4th of June, a combat encounter occured when bandits from Akaturu landed near the town. Akaturians later were pushed out with warning of full scale responce if any new raids will occure.

Transit of power

On 9th of May, 2024, logistic5721 became acting mayor of the Isaac Hills.


Community buildings

  • Local history museum
  • Town hall
  • Shop

Residential area

  • TheBRL2501's house, the first building in the town.
  • Surokorukka's house.
  • Tepol & LavenderBend169's house



Construction of Isaac Hills racing circuit started in autumn 2023. The site was examined by F1 officials in early 2024. The report stated the track had insufficient lap time at the moment. Construction is put on hold since February and plans for inclusion into 2024 scedule were abandoned.


  • Northern line ice highway station