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Main Information 主要信息

The Democratic Republic of Italy (Repubblica Italiana), referred to as Italy, the capital of Roma, is located in southern Europe, including the Apennine Peninsula and Sicily, Sardinia and other islands. It is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia in the north, and by the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the east, south and west respectively. The total area is 301,333 square kilometers, and the coastline is more than 7,200 kilometers. Most of the area has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The country is divided into 20 administrative regions, 101 provinces, and 5 Special autonomous regions.

意大利民主主义共和国(Repubblica Italiana),简称意大利,首都罗马,位于欧洲南部,包括亚平宁半岛及西西里、撒丁等岛屿。北与法国、瑞士、奥地利、斯洛文尼亚接壤,东、南、西三面分别临地中海的属海亚得里亚海、爱奥尼亚海和第勒尼安海。总面积301333平方千米,海岸线长约7200多千米。大部分地区属亚热带地中海式气候。全国划分为20个行政区,101个省,以及5个特别自治行政区。

Government Infomation 政府信息

In February 2023, XD01 was elected as the first President of Italy, and is now the Prime Minister of the Italian Cabinet, the head of the Democratic Joint Committee and the National People's Congress.


Italian Government Members 意大利政府成员

President 总统:Ferbure

Premier 总理:XD01

Vice President 副总统:WiscopeYT

Vice President of N.P.C 全国人民代表大会副主席:YouLookTasty

Vice President of D.J.C 民主联合委员会副主席:Tiger_Owen

History of Italy 历史沿革

Pre-capitalist period 前资本主义时期

In February 2023, XD01 took office as president of Italy, after which the Italian government invested in the construction of Italy's first large-scale casino - the Diamond Holiday Casino.


Post-capitalist period 后资本主义时期

In August 2023, XD01 returned to his long-departed Italy, during which the New City of Rome under the Italian administration began to develop, and in the new town, Ferbure built one of Italy's landmark buildings, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Period when the socialist system was established 社会主义制度确立时期

In September 2023, the Italian Basic Law jointly prepared by the Italian Democratic Joint Committee, the Italian National People's Congress and the Cabinet of Mino was officially promulgated, covering the content of the state, government, economy, citizens, law and so on.