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Town of Kaniw
Kaniw flag.png
Town Information
Full Name
Nation Romania.png Romania
Population 21 (29.01.24)
Area 75 chunks
Coordinates X-3752 Z-9197
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language England.png Ukraine.png Russia.png
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Doytschreal2.png doytschReal
Political System
Historical Information
Established November 11, 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Kaniw is a town in Ukraine by the Dnipro river, in-between the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv and town of Cherkassy. It is the second most populated town in Romania.png Romania as of the 27th of February.

Also known as: Kaniev, Канев, Канiв, Kaniv


Kaniw is placed on the southern bank of the Dnipro river, geographically in Ukraine. It borders the town of Cherkasy to her south and east borders, and is within proximity of Kyiv in the north-west direction. Kaniw stands where modern-day Cherkassy stands, with the real location of Kaniw (Kaniv) being too close to Kyiv.

The terrain of the area is mostly flat, with the highest natural height (from level of the Dnipro) only offset by 3 or 4 blocks. The town also stands on a ruins of a town that had controlled the area a year ago, with their roads still intact today [and used for the border of Cherkasy and Kaniw)



The town of Kaniw was founded on the 11th of November, 2023, by the western bank of the Dnipro river. It was founded by doytschReal (formerly known as DeutschNotReal), whom had previously founded the town of Chernihiv, north-east of the town of Kyiv in June of 2022, which had peaked with 105 chunks and 39 residents, and the town of Doytschgrad, a small settlement that had only 1 permiment resident, the mayor himself. Doytschgrad ended up being a failure and was automatically deleted after doytsch was inactive for over 45 days. Around 100G-300G was spent on Doytschgrad. This relative magnitude of a loss of gold was quite important during the founding and early days of Kaniw.

The name Kaniw is the german spelling of what would traditionally be spelt "Kaniv", which was a name already taken by a town in the west of Ukraine. After Kaniv was renamed to Vinnytsia (more info further down in this page), Kaniw was never renamed, as the mayor deemed it unnecisary and a waste of 32G.

Early architecture

In the early period of Kaniw, it was based on an existing building that had taken 6 chunks, right by the Dnipro river, where the current Kaniw Town Assembely stands. This was the main building of Kaniw for up til the first week of the town's existance. Enbankments for the Dnipro river have been created in the first 1-3 days, alongside projects to fix the rugged terrain that had existed in the area. Attempts were also made to restore the then called "Court of Dnieper" - the house where the town was founded - to a more usable state, as it had layed out of any town claims since atleast November 2022, which had lead it to accumilate damages from various lootings of the building by people passing by, expecially with the town's proximity with Kyiv.

Development of Kaniw shop

Not soon after Kaniw grew comfortably enough for bigger buildings, the first Kaniw shop opened up. Being just 2 chunks out from Kaniw's founding place, the shop was a measly diorite/calcite/quartz build with an oxidised copper roof. Although this proto-shop didn't bring significant revenues into Kaniw, it set a president for larger shops with more items to be setup all across the town.

Development of the Kaniw redstone computer

In late November, doytschReal bought 6 chunks to Kaniw, fully reserved for a construction of a 4-bit redstone computer (more info here!. Without external investments, this project was fully funded by the town of Kaniw, which by this point was solely governed by doytsch. This project has gone through many iterations, with the 6 chunk area eventually being escuvated to prevent it being an eye-sour to the surface.

Development North of the Dnipro river

Starting in December 3, Kaniw began expanding north of the Dnipro river, with 2 bridges being planned to connect the two parts of Kaniw, split by the grand Dnipro. The 8 chunk area has been escuvated to river-level by Doytschreal2.png doytschReal, preparing for Kaniw's development to expand northwards in order to relieve the over-crowdedness on the southern bank of the river.

Kaniw-Kaniv deal

In order to prevent the confusion between the town of Kaniw and the town of Kaniv, Doytschreal2.png doytschReal made an offer with the mayor of Kaniv, to rebrand his town to the more appropiately named "Vinnytsia", and for the mayor to be granted a plot in Kaniw to construct an embassy on.

December 2023

Kaniw had grewn from being an insignificant settlement in between two larger towns (Kyiv & Cherkassy) to the largest city (by population) in Ukraine. Many projects such as the 3x2 chunk Kaniw assembely, 3x2 chunk Redstone computer and several apartment buildings are still in progress in the town, with the further growth of Kaniw not seeming to stop soon.

A new bridge, called "Днипро-Каневский Мост" (Dnipro-Kaniw bridge) was constructed on the 4th of December 2023, connecting the overcrowded southern Kaniw to the newly claimed northern Kaniw territory, with several more bridges planned for the further connection and settlementation of the new territory.

decline of Kaniw (December 2023 -> January 2024)

In this era, the mayor doytschReal partially quit playing EMC, and with that, so did most of the residents of Kaniw, in the 5 weeks of inactivity, Kaniw's population dropped from a sizable 23 to a shocking 7 residents, although it has been steadiliy rising back following doytsch's return on the 29th of January 2024.

As of the 27th of February, the population of Kaniw has reached its highest ever, 42, a 6 fold increase from late January.

reconstruction & replanning of Central Kaniw

With Doytschreal2.png doytschReal coming back to govern Kaniw, the population grown from a small 7 residents to a respectable 21 members. Starting @ 2nd of February 2024, the Kaniw marketplace, Kaniw spawn market and Kaniw harbour were all demolished in order to fit for a more orginized city plan. The Kanievan Apartment Complex, alongside the (in construction as of 3/feb) Zalitna Casino, would begin to use up the space previously allocated to the now, mostly abonded, Kaniw Redstone Computer project. The Kanievan Apartment Complex in particullarly grow to house around 7 unique residents in the first 2 days of servicing.

Nation history


11.11.23 -> 15.11.23: Ukraine.png Ukraine

15.11.23 -> 24.11.23: Germany.png Germany

24.11.23 -> 03.12.23: Ukraine.png Ukraine

03.12.23 -> 01.02.24: Polesia.png Polesia

01.02.24 -> nowdays: Romania.png Romania


Kaniw is defined not only by the vast Dnipro river running through it, but also her extensive border with the neighbouring town of Cherkassy. In the 29th of November, the leaders of Kaniw and Cherkassy met together to draw a border, set on a road that had existed in the area for over a year, which Cherkassy and Kaniw then quickly moved to claim their side of the border.

Borders with Kyiv are not yet stated (and should not yet be a problem), but the town is prioritizing making settlement north of the Dnipro, which the plan for Мост Каниев seaks to provide.

Kaniw leadership

doytschReal: Mayor

RavenTell: Co-Mayor

_Tangent: Co-Mayor

IronMan190: Trusted

Kaniw Comminity

town discord