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Town founded by the Emperor of Rus HouseTyrell on August 4, 2022, handed to a few mayors before handing to his wife Andrea.


A small provincial town home to quality builds based on space efficiency and is one of the few towns designed like the Wien model where roads are not in a grid layout, and elevation is key to the aestetic.


Schloss Eggenburg is a real building in Graz, Austria, that is the residence of the Royal House of Despot. It is built fairly accurately, but not all of the build has been claimed, leaving it partially unfinished. When Feliks, one of two official IRL royal cats died in December of 2022 at a premature age of eight due to heart failure, a statue was erected in the main square. The original building of Kolchanovo has been destroyed 11.7.2023 in order to build the central square and European Style apartments.

Notable People

  • KiloanEmpress aka Tsarina Andrea
  • WalkingWiki686
  • Kiwi7191

City Subdivisions

There are two parts of Kolchanovo, the side facing the water and the side facing lake Onega and the cliffs. At the top of the mountain is the Austrian Quarter. Old town is where the bulk of the unorganised builds were built, centered around the square on the flatter side. There are two farms in the wilderness and many bridges and paths around the city.