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Commonly referred to as simply Scatland, is a nation located in the extreme northwest of North America. It's capital city is the catacombs of Sharta. It has international borders with Russian_Alaska. The nation was founded on June 7th, 2022 by His Holiness BabeRuth and BetaMale it is a continuation of the original rat island nation and before that Central Alaska and before that Ice-IS

History of Scatland

After spawning into the world with the only intention of creating Scatland 2 the brave explorers BabeRuth, DoubleHomicide, BetaMale, Rednaz05 and Miller were oppressed by the admins and assaulted harassed and belittled by full grown men in maid skins. Not wanting to let people who spend $300 on a furry artwork the brave scatland soldiers defended the homeland crushing and devouring maids and admins creating the new age tradition of cannibalism in Alaska and causing #EatTheMods to trend in the small island nation of Nauru. In retaliation of just wanting to build LOTR builds the mods unleashed their ultimate weapon upon Scatland... Un****Aura who went around asking Scattish citizens to take photos of their feet to be in the next episode of ICarly.

History of Old Scatland

On January 2019, two brave explorers under the known as BabeRuth and JohnWayneGacy (now known as of May the 3rd 2019 DoubleHomicide), went from Armenia to Romania via a magical portal. They then went from their ports across the Atlantic Ocean to Alaska; although they had many natural enemies from their fearless political outcries to their sole autistic love for shit and cobblestone, they founded cobbletown, in which they began excavating the catacombs. The next day they would change their name to TiananmenSquare to provoke a certain and new player base growing (Chinese people) on the server. Many would begin to writhe in a rage over the name, causing JohnWayneGacy(DoubleHomicide) to be slaughtered and robbed. This prompted one final name change, and it's last one, Scatland.


The leading party in Scatland is the Glory Hole Foundation, which originated from the Lazy River Society. The lesser-known and the exiled party of Sovereign Swag is a no longer supported party due to the severe war crimes committed by them, although it is not illegal to support the party. Most of the SS party post-irradiation had been executed by the state or banished to never return, and only the supporting Populus remained.

Religious Fundamentalism

During the short fall of Scatland during 2021, Scatland's town hall and many surface dwellings would be demolished and robbed by Atheist pigs who did not believe in the word of Jesus Christ. They also went on to defile they holy "Scatman" golem statue, which was a statue constructed entirely out of shit and blood.

The defilement of the statue into a regular snow golem would horrify the migrating pilgrims, who believed in Scatland's religious texts upon discovering it's well established culture. This abhorrence caused the pilgrims to reject any new sentiments and turn in deeper and go even further in their beliefs then the first people of Scatland did.

They formed a new party called the Golem's Party, based off the true will of the people in which the law of the land is decided by a chosen being the Scattish Poope BabeRuth


     Scatland uses it's citizens and removes the element of the proletariat class in place of an economical class of slaves where they are given free housing and expression, but they must participate in religious ceremonies and sometimes construction. Housing is within the sewers and is known as "Earth's largest toilet". This is because there are no toilets in the sewer houses, so the serfs or "citizens" excrement into the large waterways of the sewers by squatting. This also is a apart of religious ceremony. Class hierarchy is also mainly influenced by Scatland's religious texts, this compilation was called "meine Scheiße".

Golem Gate

In the summer of 2019, Scatland had 1000s snow golem. This would cause the server to lag and crash numerous times. Due to the remoteness of Scatland few ventured to it but those who did were unable to view a majority of the golems because of Scatland still being a giant cobblestone cube with a basketball court on the inside. On fateful day BabeRuth was shitposting in chat which alerted some users to the existence of Scatland they would come to Scatland and find a hole left in the cube that led them to the army of golems. The mods(DEMONS) BabeRuth fought the mods bravely but it was over and the mods put a command in the chat that would accidently wipe all the mobs on the server. In return, this crashed the economy of the server temporarily because of the server-wide mob wipe. This would only be the first time Scatland was involved in a server-wide economy crash

Golem Gate Aftermath / Monuments

The people of Scatland were deeply saddened by this new development, Scatland's representative Mob, the snow golem, were all killed, prompting a monument. This monument was a giant snowman constructed out of feces. (Note this picture was taken 2019, before complete destruction.)

Zbeqraxnvara'f Zntavsvprag Znafvba!
ri f oodansMiitMinMeke'ancnas!nngen

Scatland's religion, known as "Scattish", labeled as mythology by other nations, has actual grounds in the fear or a demon that lurks the sewers, this demon would be known as John McAfee in his formerly life. The original people of Scatland would become terrorized by John McAfee. They would name him "e-Thay at-Scay emon-Day" (translated to Scatemon in English). Scatemon would roam the caves of ancient Scatland. Some 100 people lived in these caves which were maze-like in structure. Originally they would use magic to animate snow blocks and carved pumpkins to sentient golems, who would fling snow at Scatemon, this worked at first because Scatemon was a savage scat eating demon. Once the warding golems no longer scared Scatemon, he would come and slaughter the golems and the people. These golems were remembered for their sacrifice, as they served valiantly. Only few people would survive by hiding in the labyrinth of the caves. These people would move to the upper levels of the caves, where Scatemon would not roam. During this time, they would repopulate as well as reconstruct the golems they had lost. In an estimated 100 years, they would go on to write a series of texts called "meine Scheiße", it's author, Shitus of Pleb Shits, was guided by an angel who's previous life was known as Scatman John. Scatman John would be referred to as "at-Scay ohn-Jay" (translated to Ohscigh in English). Ohscigh was said to have given Shitus holy guidance to help his people and to the future generations through written directions.

Sewer Construction

A monument to Ohscigh, the temple of Shieeet was constructed as an entrance to what would become the sewers. Shitus would be endowed with holy grace via Ohscigh, this power would ward off Scatemon long enough to begin conversion of the caves to what is today the sewers. Shitus would then command some 300 snow golems in a fight that would decide the fate of his people (the Scatopeans). Because of the grace of Ohscigh, Shitus would win the fight and seal Scatemon away to the bottom of Ohscigh Scat Lake. Scatemon was sealed so that he would suffer through suffocation for the rest of his pitiful existence, locked away never to be undone at the bottom of the lake.

Covenant to Ohscigh

Shitus would make a covenant to Ohscigh, promising that he and his people would shart and shit into the sewer waterways as a statute forever to Ohscigh. Ohscigh would instruct Shitus to construct the Shart of the Covenant so that Shitus and his brother could receive word of God through Ohscigh. The shart would be constructed entirely of scat and blood.


Is a group founded by the early members of Scatland sometime in 2019 with the sole purpose to upset the mods invitations are random and not based on towns and nations the current number of former and current members is unknown and everything is done spontaneous to give no time to plan for counteraction. The crowing achievement of the group so far has been destroying economy and forcing a rollback that didn't fix anything