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~ Who is Magolor ? - Mago's Debuts ~

Magolor is a user that first connected sometime in 2019. Being a total 10 yo dumbass and not knowing anything in english, he eventually left and never went back on.

He then joined back in early March 2022 for him to never leave again. On March 4th, he got immediatly invited by _SiiMP_ (Now SimpBrugs) into the town of Yorkshire, Britain.

~ The starts of a long, oh long adventure - The Britain Era ~

After he got invited by _SiiMP_, magOwOr, at the time "EndyIsCool", got offered a plot in Northern Yorkshire where he would restore a demolished house and create a Kirby hot air balloon called "The Lor Starcutter". This plot is still here to this day, but is not the property of magOwOr anymore. Tho, we still can see a quote from Back To The Future inside of the house, written on a sign. Shortly after this, magOwOr got invited to join Wales, Wales, and as a last gift to Yorkshire, he created a song made of note-blocks in the basement of the Lor Starcutter plot, being the Song of Storms from the Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

Then, Britain got Disbanded.

~ Wales are a great nation, made of self proclaimed "Hot Girls" (and they are) - The Welsh Era ~

Well, Britain wasn't exactly "disbanded". It removed every alliance and town in the nation because of a guy called "Cripto_tv". This led to Yorkshire not being in the Nation anymore and not being able to teleport to anyone. In this unfortunate event, magOwOr took the opportunity to ask RoseBrugs, leader of Wales, for an embassy plot and moved every ounce of stuff there. However, before he wanted to leave Yorkshire, he wanted to move the Lor Starcutter. Sadly, the original balloon was damaged awfully because of the process, but we now add a second ever lasting balloon in Wales, that is still standing to this day ! magOwOr then expanded his plots to three plots and made a nether themed underground bunker, the "Space Needle", a rocket and a Mario themed flying block.

However, as Mago starts to become friends with the Welsh nobelty, and being successful into having a stable life, some rumors are being spread about a reset of the map ...

~ Islands, Scammers and Shops - The Shetlands Era ~

MagOwOr was trying to keep his head up despite everything everyone was saying about the reset. He was on the team of the players that wanted a Nether Reset, not a Map Reset. But players weren't listening. He asked one day to RoseBrugs if we could claim the falling town of "Connery", located on the Shetlands, to get more territory, even though they had more than 1% of the total map and more than 20% of the Europe territory in theirr mega-nation. While this discussion was going, magOwOr convinced Yorkshire to join the Welsh Realm, and he succeded ! Then came the birthday of magOwOr, April 1st, where rcvw, LilyBrugs at the time, offered him a Kirby head (I never forgot abt that ty bestie :3). About one month later after this conversation, when Connery had fell, RoseBrugs asked him if he wanted the Shetlands, and in a rush of excitement, he said yes !

The Shetlands were now claimed by MaddieMao, under the name of "Ceto", and, when Mago got enough gold, he changed the name of the town to "IceCreamIsland".

Between April 27 and May 2, Mago recreated the island, with new buildings, like the first MagoShop ever, the Town Hall of the I.C.I., and the fixing of the wings of the WaleShip, a huge Quinjet looking ship, along with the creation of a fully maxed 2x2 diamond beacon, the BlueSoup beacon, and the creation of a small 14x16 farm. Later, Mago built a Bank, destroyed the 2 chunks building made of bricks and created 3 embassies. A week later, he built a Port and two more embassies, one being owned by RoseBrugs. On April 28, Mago built a memorial for his friend SuperJosh0. On May first, Mago recreated the pond of ice cream, and made a huge beehive jungle tree next to it. On may 5, Deklokis8 created the Embassy of Kemet.

In the night of May 14th, a user named Fearug griefed the integrality of the town, including damage done to the Beehive Tree, with all the bees getting killed, damage to the reactors of the WaleShip, destruction of the memorial and stealing of the beacon and of 95% of the town's chests, leaving only the Embassies and MagoShop unharmed.

On may 15th, Coblobster backed up the town and Mago rebuilt the majority of the town.

On june 3, Mago built a beach and the Wales Colosseum.

~ Switzerland & Iceland - The Start of Aurora ~

Parallely to the previous chapter, Mago started Aurora on May 16th 2022, right after the Town was backed up. They joined Bern, Switzerland, but as it seemed this town was boring, he joined the town of Reykjavik, then the town of Akyreyri, both in Iceland. he then began building his first house, with his two pet parrots he got from Madagascar, and 5 villagers he put in a hot bath of gravels. He then built a windmill and a park, which was later destroyed.

He bought his first head during that time.

~ Frenchies and Aussies - The First Victorian Era ~