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Mali flag
The Empire of Mali
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name The Empire of Mali
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Capital City Mali
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Primitive communism -> Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Mali is the nation founded on May 2, 2022 (JST) in the current location of the Republic of Mali in West Africa.

Mali is a commercial state led by Terra Nova's Manchuria Shop management team and shares the same Discord, community. Most of the members are Japanese who were worker of Terra Nova Manchuria shop or their friends. It is known for the largest shop in TA selling many kind of items, and it has the largest blaze grinder.

This Mali is not the Republic of Mali in the current era, but modeled after the Mali Empire that famous for Mansa Musa who is considered as the richest people ever.

While early access period, Mail had a proto-communist system, in which all citizens are equally responsible for their actions.



When Fix announced the Tera Aurora, Manchuria Shop management team started meeting to make the best shop nation in the new world.

To aiming major economic power, the members were decided to found Mali for following reasons.

  • Avoid unnecessary conflict in popular area and focus economy.
  • Easy access to grass and sand
  • Flat, less trees, easy to leveling of ground
  • Short name that easy to call and remember name
  • Legend of Mali king Mansa Musa who is considered the richest man in history.

Some members rehearsed 7 times, how to move at the beginning in advance on a private multi-server for Early Access.

Founding, May,2,2022

Mali(nation) was founded by FG_kuana on May 2, 2022 (JST), the first day Terra Aurora was opened for Early Access, and was the 4th nation in Terra Aurora.

Every citizen contributed to collecting the 2048g needed for the founding of the nation.

Incident, May,14,2022

Valuables including 20 sets of sponer & blaze eggs were stolen by a spy (belonging to ██████) , who had been infiltrated before Early Access.The information warfare and acting by the spies, and their humanity, are worthy of respect.Therefore, we continue to interact with him as before.


Residents of the capital city

Early Access (2th May ~ 9th May [JST])

Name | Belong Nation&Nation rank (TE)

  • Just1ssue|Dolak King
  • c2FUMAc2|Chumikan King
  • FG_Haribo|Manchuria Cancellor
  • akadon|Toban Cancellor
  • ShindoiASU______|Far_East
  • HouRouKanban|Manchuria Cancellor
  • asyi|Bokkai Diplomat
  • PURU_NN|Manchuria Cancellor
  • FG_kuana|Manchuria King
  • shiratakii|Manchuria
  • charliexangel|Manchuria
  • RockArkJinn|Manchuria
  • Yudai1008|Bokkai Recruiter
  • xXTinderMasterXx|None
  • Mikawa_Ya|None
  • you0101|Ayano_Mainsky King
  • 32Cragno|Spain King
  • FG_Heruneru_FE|Manchuria