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Panorama 101023.png

View of the city on 10th of October 2023.
Town Information
Full Name Maracaibo
Nation Brazilian Empire (by law), Maracaibo (technically)
Area 339 (+1) chunks
Coordinates [| 13600 -2000]
Continent South America
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Semicolon_
Political System
Historical Information
Established 2 May 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Maracaibo is a town and city state labeling itself as the "Freehold of Maracaibo". It has been belonging to the Gran Colombian Empire formerly, having declared independence when Gran Colombia fell on the 9th of November 2023. Its possessions include the technical city of Maracaíbo (being the former capital of Maracaibo nation; existing on one chunk only in order to provide the city with an n spawn, while the rest still remained part of Gran Colombia). The greater metropolitan area of the city also encompasses the cities of Merida to the South and Herselt to the North.

It is known mostly for its architecture combining Renaissance with Cyberpunk elements, as well as hosting Formula 1 races and King's League football games. It is the home base of Acceleron Group on Terra Aurora.


Founding Period 

Maracaibo was founded on May 2nd 2022 by Lemoncy making it one of the ancient server towns made directly after start of Terra Aurora. In the following weeks, some basic claiming and the construction of the first road layout was conducted.

First Building Period 

Actual building on the town took up when Semicolon_ joined the town on 25th of June 2022 and constructed "The Flag" as his home on June 27th and 28th. During July 2022, Acceleron headquarters, Big MaMa and the Cactus farm followed in quick succession. More buildings were constructed in the following months, with building progress centering more and more towards the EMC F1 Maracaibo GP 2022. The progress halted mostly when Semicolon left EMC for a hiatus due to real life travels.


In the hiatus phase, not much building took place, though Lemoncy was able to acquire the nation today known as Maracaibo by sniping the original nation of Panama that fell in November 2022. The nation was moved to a newly established one-chunk city inside the actual city's borders shortly afterwards, and was held by 32Nova the first months.

Second Building Period 

After Semicolon's return on Christmas 2022, building activity increased again with the Rise Inc. Office and the Estadio Simón Bolívar south of Maracaibo being the most prominent builds. In April 2023, the Maracaibo F1 GP 2023 took place in the city on a mostly new course using the Maglev system and a tunnel along the mountainside. Later on, Semicolon took over the one-chunk city and nation within Maracaibo while still continuing on designing buildings, mainly for the Downtown. The Oldtown is being constructed on schematics acquired from different sources.

Independence and Brazilian Empire 

On the 9th of November 2023, with the fall of Gran Colombia, Semicolon became the new leader of proper Maracaibo city and declared independence from Gran Colombia establishing the Freehold of Maracaibo. On the 23rd of November (UTC), the treaty of Sao Andre was officially signed and published, by which Maracaibo joined the Brazilian Empire. On April 14th 2024, the EarthMC Formula 1 once again visited Maracaibom this time on a completely new underground track, that also featured a section under the football stadium with an iconic glass roof. Shortly before, on April 3rd 2024, the city was structurallly finished with all planned schematics so far being placed down and the metropolitan area being fully interconnected and zoned out.


Note: This only includes a selection and may be modified in the future.

Notable People

  • Lemoncy: Founder and long-time mayor
  • Semicolon_: Lead architect, current king of Maracaibo nation and current mayor
  • 32Nova: Prominent member, owner of Acceleron, former king of Maracaibo nation

City Subdivisions

The city divides itself into 3-4 divisons, from North to South:

  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Slums
  • Downtown: Cyberpunk architecture
  • Oldtown: Rennaissance architecture
  • Merida: Southern part of the old town, including the arena, has been an independent city previously