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Official Language English
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Mayor karenihd
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Miskolc is an in-game town under the administration of the Carpathian Realm. It is the capital of the nation.


Miskolc was founded on the 8th of August. Same as Alpenau, Carpathia's rival. It quickly expanded with rapid mining sessions conducted by karenihd and his roadmen.

After border agreements were reached with Kosovo and Slovakia, there was a period of temporary peace.

The first Miskolc-Alpenau war started when players from Alpenau griefed right beside our claims, causing tensions. This was quickly resolved however, so it isn't regarded as an official war.

After the war,people from Miskolc went on a rapid mining spree,collecting gold to make our own nation.Soon after, Alpenau asked for funding in exchange for joining the Carpathian realm.They were given 250 gold in exchange for their loyalty.

They however betrayed us,and joined romania instead,and we asked for them to pay their debt back.An agreement was made with Austria as meditator,and Alpenau "agreed" to pay 200 gold with 5 gold each day.They however paid only for 3 days and then refused to pay anything after Austria backed off.

1st Carpatho-Dacian War

So we killed an Alpenau citizen, to make them remember this is a serious matter.They paid another 64 gold before manning up and declaring war against us.

Prior to this they bought a nation called Andalusia, but renamed it to Dacia. This war ended with a Carpathian victory as Dacian forces were quickly eliminated and Continentalia was seen fleeing the scene of battle.

Interwar Period

Austria made a deal with Dacia to get them in Danubia,which was that Austria would pay 200 gold in the name of Dacia.This was concluded with Carpathia being paid 200 gold,and Dacia entering the Danubian Confederation;officially becoming a Carpathian ally.

There was a period of peace for 2 weeks, until we discovered they stole plot trust from citizens and their attempts at claim-blocking. Dacia was kicked from Danubia for hostile behavior and they declared war on Carpathia once more.

2nd Carpatho-Dacian War

The 2nd Dacia-Carpathia war is still ongoing with 2 battles concluded already. The first battle being a Carpathian Victory and the 2nd battle being made of 3 rounds with; 2 rounds won for Carpathia and 1 for Dacia.