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Papal States
The State of the Church

Flag of the Papal States.png

Coat of Arms

Holy See Coat of Arms.png

National information
Motto Latin: "Pax Christi in Regno Christi"

English: "The Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ"

National Anthem Marcia trionfale (Triumphal March)
Founded May 4th 2022
Capital City Rome
Population 50 (December 30th, 2023)
Religion Catholic
Language Englishflag.jpg English, Latin
Chunks 499 (December 30th, 2023)
/n list 7
Government Information
Leader Pope Pius XIII
Cardinal Secretary of State Cardinal PerseusV
Political System Theocratic Elective Monarchy
Economic System Distributist

The Papal States (also known as the State of the Church) are a collection of Catholic territories in the Italian Peninsula under the direct sovereign rule of Pope Pius XIII.

It is currently the second most populous nation in the Italian Peninsula and serves as the capital for the Christian community on EarthMC.


The Rule of Pope Benedict XVII (May 1st 2022 - July 4th 2022)

Announcement of Terra Aurora

On April 19th, 2022, Fix announced the Terra Aurora update which would see the creation of a new world beyond Terra Nova. The preexisting Holy Catholic Church on Terra Nova, which has served the Christian population on EarthMC since the beginning of 2020, began making plans to ensure the preservation of the Church in the new world.

Founding of Rome and the Papal States


The Rule of Pope Clement XV (July 10th 2022 - July 16th 2023)

Elevation of Thanamos to Prince of Rome

On November 30th, 2022, Pope Clement XV appointed Thanamos as the Prince of Rome to handle the political affairs of the Papal States.

Establishment of Separation Between Church and State


Creation of the Roman Senate


Integration of Francia into the Papal States


The Rule of Pope Pius XIII (July 27th 2023 - Present)


The political system

Architecture and culture

Papal States and the Church